Thursday, December 4, 2008


We play alot lately!

We bought decks for both the Grandma's and they endured many games last week.

We had an old friend from Pennsylvania visit us a few weeks ago and he played a game with us that almost lasted two hours!

And last weekend we shared our Thanksgiving dinner with some Chinese MBA students, and they also shared quite a few games of UNO with us. I must add, they were quick learners. We even found a spare game for one of them to bring home to their family.

So if you are ever in the area and need to burn a few hours, stop over for a never ending game of UNO! Or better yet, bring a new game. I think I have played enough UNO in the past few weeks to last a year. (although the good news is, we have moved beyond Candyland!)


Jill said...

Ever play Phase 10.. I like that one!

Stacy said...

Dutch Blitz!!!

downthegardenpath said...

when did our old friend turn into an old friend??!!

rinse*repeat said...

Oh gosh. So glad another adult has the same love for UNO as I do :)