Monday, January 12, 2009

Can I brag a little?

This week the cold I have had for what seems like months decided to turn into a sinus infection, so Thursday found Aidan and I at Wal-mart in search of some relief. Now, I am not a germ-a-phobe, but in this day and age if you take your child to daycare, the gym or Sunday School there are large signs posted reminding parents to not bring their child if they have had a fever/runny nose in the past 24 hours. So I find myself explaining to Aidan on a pretty regular basis that we can't go to ---- today because he has germs and we don't want to get other children sick.

So, back to Wal-mart. My sweet child picked up the basket and carried it around the store so "I wouldn't give my germs away." He also directed me to direct him to the items on the shelves I wanted so that I didn't touch anything, and yes, he loaded our goods on the conveyor belt too. He wanted to pay.... but I told him my money already had lots of germs on it, so a few more of mine wouldn't make much difference.

It's true, he is quite helpful.

Although today, as we were getting ready to go ice skating, he kept bugging me to hurry up. I informed him that if he wanted me to go faster then he could change the laundry loads. (He does this for me all the time.) However this time he looked at me smugly and said, "I don't want to help, because some day I am going to be a dad, and dad's don't do laundry."

Guess what James and Aidan are going to be doing this week.


JG Collection said...

your little boy just cracks me up!! I hope you feel better!!
We have the sniffles at our house too!

Barb said...

Ask Val to tell you the story about the guy we went to college with that said, "These hands can't do dishes!"

Good luck with your laundry lesson!

Valerie said...

The actual quote was, "These hands were not made to do dishes." I have a terrible feeling he has never done any dishes either. Good for you for getting Aidan started early and breaking James of what we do not want to become a life long habit.

When is the lottery for the Chinese school? Aidan is so ready to be in school....