Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last Christmas Post!!!!

Hurray! You won't have to look at my Christmas photos again after this blogpost! Not that I don't have more, mind you. I have lots and lots. For some reason none of them turned out the greatest, so it was hard for me to find any I liked. I also forgot my camera in Iowa, so I didn't have it with me when we had our final Christmas at the Kahl's.
But in exchange for not making you look at my photo's, I am going to write more. I'm sure you had nothing better to do than read more about my Christmas, right????

This is Aidan and "Honeybear Grandma." We have so many that we have to come up with creative ways of identifying them. She is my Dad's mom. She is still quite spunky. And as you can see she has a broken arm.

Ummm..... I seriously debated putting this photo up. But it is kind of a funny story.
We were all getting ready to go out for dinner on Saturday evening, and for some reason the 8 of us couldn't get ourselves together. No one was ready at the same time, and there was a lot of- "Why don't you just go get some clothes on?"
"I did, but look at you, sitting there without your coat on, what are you waiting for????" etc.
At one point in the banter my Grandma suddenly stopped her involvement, and went to sleep on the couch. We all went about getting ready, and then when it was time to get in the car she wouldn't get up.
Now..... my Grandma may seem pretty cute, but I have to admit, when she wouldn't get up we thought she was faking it. So I threatened to take a picture of her on the couch, which I obviously did. And she obviously didn't care. Then we said, "Grandma if you don't get up we are going to have to take you to the ER." And she didn't get up. At this point we realized the situation was a little more serious than we originally thought, and because we were unable to move her we did have to call 911 and have the ambulance come. She had a TIA and her physician's are still doing a work-up to try and find possible causes.

Hmmmm. I think this is me directing as we are headed out the door with the ambulance. I also have to add, I spent the night in my Grandma's hospital room, where I proceeded to come down with some bad food poisoning. All I can say is even in her feeble state she mustered up the energy to kick me out of her room. It wasn't pretty! Sorry Grandma. (And the rest of you, beware of McDonald's Southwestern salad.)

Grandma was released from the hospital the next day, so we were still able to have Christmas on Saturday. I have to add, I use the word "released" loosely, because Grandma informed me she "Told that doctor she was signing herself out!"

Practicing for the annual Jordison poker event.

The practice didn't do them much good however, as none of the above won.

The little guy in the middle with his baseball cap on won.

He is 16, and they all swear it was beginner's luck. He is a smart kid though, because the first thing he said was, "I am going to put all this money into my bank account."

Quiet at last. Ahhh... nothing like cartoons to wind them down at the end of the day.

One more note- as a mom, having to call 911 was one of the best visual demonstrations ever! Aidan and I frequently chat about all the "what if" situations; candy from strangers, a hurt mommy or daddy, etc, and it is hard to explain "911" to a 4-year-old in a way that he can totally grasp. So the whole experience was great for Aidan to see. Everyone remained calm as we checked Grandma's blood pressure and neuro status, moved cars and furniture, put blankets on the floor, etc. The First Responders were so professional and helpful, and although I hope we never need to use their services again, I am glad Aidan was able to be a firsthand observer to how it all works, and when it is appropriate to call them.

While they were loading her up one of the EMT's said, "Alright Iva, we are going to take you to the ER now."

And Aidan's little voice piped up, "Good! Now can the rest of us go eat supper!?!?"

And that, my friends, is the last of my Christmas photos.

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JG Collection said...

what a great story...I mean the part where your grandma had to go to the hospital...but I sure did LOL at the end!!