Monday, February 23, 2009

Conversation in the Car

"Aidan, do you want to go to the library tonight?"

"I will if you promise to cuddle with me when we wake up tomorrow. If you won't cuddle with me, then I won't go to the library for three more days."

Needless to say, we have a basket full of books and I have a date with my son for tomorrow morning. I can't wait!


élen said...

hi there! sorry, this comment is more about your etsy stuff than your post -- though the post is adorable! i was recently in an awesome little studio in northfield and got to see some of your work. you use such great patterns and fabrics and i would love to see more of your bags in person. the owner mentioned a show you would be doing in the twin cities in the near future, but i forgot to get more info. is there a better way to reach you to get more info? thanks!

rinse*repeat said...

oh, how sweet :) if only it were that easy to strike a deal with adults!