Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did I tell you

How much I love my new cookbook?

I also received a wonderful cookbook from James for Valentines. I must say it is probably one of his best gifts ever. Sometimes he has a little trouble buying gifts for me, but this one seemed to be so right for me it made me think think maybe he is finally starting to "get me."

The only problem is, I already owned the book. No wonder he thought of me when he saw it..... that book has been on our kitchen shelf for months. I used it at Thanksgiving and blogged about it, I have hauled it on a few road trips earlier this year, pulled it out to show guests........ so yes, I am assuming the book would seem familiar and remind him of me.

But that's okay. I was happy to exchange it for yet another cookbook I have been drooling over. This one. Mmmmm.

Thanks James.

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Anonymous said...

mmmm, that pizza looks delicious! i can't make pizza much cuz it's too americanized. we have to have rice and meat or it's not a meal! ;)