Monday, March 9, 2009

I have alot of things to do this week.

One of my plans is to transform the contents of this bowl into some yummy guacamole. I think I may do it on a night when James is at class so I don't have to share. Avocado's are the good kind of fat, right?


Valerie said...

The best kind...

The cooks here mix pico de gallo with the avocados, add a tiny bit of lime juice and a little salt and voilá. Chips made from fresh tortillas are also a big hit.

Loved the story about Aidan and meeting his reading goal.

I have an email from a woman in the Minetonka(sp?) school district whose son is in a Spanish immersion program. She wants to bring his second grade class to Merida for a week or so this summer. Am I ready to host second graders? Hmmmm....can second graders really be much different than the students here now?

jess said...

Can I come over?

Steve and Paula said...

Hey, Butter is a good fat!
Saturated fats are the ones that do not get caught in the arteries, because they are shart chain fatty acids, and besides, God did not create bad fats, but man sure did!

downthegardenpath said...

anyone (fill in the adjective of your choice) enough to make a mexican field trip happen for a bunch of second graders should be on your 'people i;ve got to meet' list. right??