Friday, March 6, 2009

Well.... I found a lampshade for the lamp my Grandma gave me..... not really the one I wanted, but for 1/4 the price, so I will just be happy about it! I didn't want a plain white one and felt absolutely no motivation to try and replicate the one I like. Who knows, someday maybe it will clearance out or end up on Ebay and I can snatch it up for a steal!

Someone also gave me this lovely USA bowl while I was visiting my other Grandma a few weekends ago! It is perfect for our downstairs and has become a place to collect change, DVD's and Aidan's random bits of paper and stickers. Thanks Barb, I love the bowl!!!!!!

We also have 50 degrees today! I want to go dig in my yard so badly, but I hear we are getting more snow tomorrow.

Ahh.... Minnesota.

I have also been busy stalking this chair. The assistant manager told me they were going to clearance again any day, and alot of times their second clearance ends up more than 50% off the first. So I am waiting, and waiting and waiting for the four remaining at the store to clearance out, because I think they would be absolutely perfect for my kitchen table. And, we are in dire need because some of our kitchen chairs creak and groan rather suspiciously, and I keep envisioning one of our guests breaking a tailbone instead of enjoying their dinner.

Well, that is all for now. I need to hit the shower and Aidan and I are going to the bank! We finally emptied all his piggy banks and he has a huge tupperware full of change and dollar bills "for tollege." (No, not a typo, that's what he calls it!)

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