Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I have been doing this week

Sewing.... lots of sewing. I am rather sick of sewing actually, so thankfully the end is in sight! I made 20 bags this week along with a bunch of bibs, some throw pillows and a few onesies.

I had to make a veil this week too.

Bring back any memories James?

(Sorry for the bad veil pictures. Maybe I will post some later after the wedding. )

So - if any of you are around this weekend, remember to stop in here and pick up a spring bag or two.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Try this!

Before you read the recipe- let me tell you a little bit about it. It consists of only four ingredients, carrots, cabbage, spinach and red peppers. My mother-in-law made it this past Easter and I have had a bowl of it in our fridge ever since. (Thanks Jane!)

Now before you decide against it because it has cabbage in it I have to tell you - I personally have never been a huge fan of cabbage, but I have come to enjoy it recently. I tried this salad and found it surprisingly tasty and almost melt-in-your-mouth. (I also tried the dressing/cheese with a can of chickpeas per her recommendations, and trust me - is probably the fastest, cheapest, most filling lunch possible, not to mention delicious, and it lends itself to all sorts of other ideas, like adding fresh tomatoes and basil, or eating the chick-peas over a lettuce salad with some other fresh veggies as well....... endless.)

But back to this salad, along with being colorful and nutrient packed, it lasts in your fridge for a week. Not many salads have staying power like that - you just have to make sure all the ingredients are clean and dry when you put them together.

So you need: One red pepper, cleaned and chopped,

One bag/container of spinach

One bag sliced carrots- or slice your own into coins or slivers

One small head of red cabbage, finely sliced.

Toss all the ingredients together. Then, there are all sorts of fun variations you can try. I think Jane's original recipe called for roasted pumpkin seeds and balsamic vinaigrette. I tried that- delicious. I have also added hard cheese, chicken, almonds, sunflower seeds, eggs, to name a few. I even added some apple slices once. Yum. I think my favorite dressing thus far has been poppyseed, it is the perfect combination to tangy and sweet, and I like it with the pumpkin seeds.

So anyway - sorry to rant on so long about a simple salad, but it is so rare that you can buy all the ingredients, chop them up and have them stay fresh in your fridge to be enjoyed for a week! Let me know what you think!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

So I am supposed to be sewing.

My deadline is looming and yet here I sit wasting time online.

It all started when I tried to find the Williams-Sonoma pancake recipe I used this week. I wanted to post it and share it all with you, and rather than type it I thought I would just google it. Well..... instead I found myself wandering around the Williams-Sonoma website, as if I had nothing better to do. But I can't help it!

Currently, they have a few pages dedicated to Mother's Day.......(which happens to fall right around the time of our anniversary) that is just a subtle hint James. I mean, I know your broke, and the car, and the taxes,and the job, etc, but knowing this I wouldn't want you to spend any of your hard earned money in vain, so I thought I would just help you out.

And really, while I love all their bakeware and cookware, it is their special signature yellow that I can't get enough of. I imagine sometime in the near/distant future I will be trying to repaint my kitchen yellow - again - and asking the man at the paint counter if they can match my Kitchen Aid.
I hope you enjoy these pictures too!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Barefoot Studio

Last weekend I spent a day working at Carla's shop. She has rearranged and has lots of new items, so I thought I would share.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring is here!

That's right, I finally feel like it is safe to announce that spring has arrived in Minnesota. Although there is always that chance we could have one more snowstorm, but I am going to be optimistic. We have had some very nice days but I have had to restrain myself from clearing out all my flowerbeds at least for a few more weeks, in case we find ourselves scraping frost off our windshields one more time.

Aidan and I have enjoyed a few evenings hanging out in the backyard, and we have also been enjoying a new friend this year. I tried to take a picture but he is a rather elusive fellow. The past few evenings you can find us laying on the benches under the trees, staring up in to the sky and listening to our friend - the cardinal - sing.

(looking for the cardinal)

This view may not look that amazing to you, I had a hard time capturing it on film, but there is nothing I enjoy more than staring up at the treetops on a lazy afternoon.

Every day we like to walk around the house and check out all the little flowerbeds to see what flowers have popped their cheery head out overnight. My crocuses have remained uneaten thus far this year, so I actually have a photo to share. And (drumroll please!) last year I planted a magnolia bush and it has few beautiful blossoms on it already. I am so excited, I have always wanted a magnolia tree, but they are not hardy enough for this climate. I managed to find a magnolia bush last year and I was so excited to see it in bloom yesterday! I hope you enjoy it too. I am looking forward to the day when the bush is large enough to spare me enough fragrant blossoms to bring inside the house. Maybe in a few more years.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter pics

Better late than never....... right? Here are some pictures from our Easter weekend at the Kahl's house where we enjoyed lots of celebrating. Jane and Aidan share a birthday so we had two cakes and two sets of presents, as well as an Easter egg hunt and even more presents.
Oh - and I have to add - in case you are wondering why there is a tiny little piece out of one of the cakes pictures, we have James to thank for that. You probably didn't notice, but you can be sure I did. Both of the cakes were too tall for any of my lidded cake carriers. (Yes folks, I own more than one, okay???) So James kindly placed them in a laundry basket for me while I was showering and then we carried them to the car. About halfway to Rochester I turned and looked at the cakes and realized that one of them had a massive dent in it. James explained he had thrown a book from the back of the wagon to the front, and it landed midway, smashing part of the cake. Then when we arrived at his parents he felt so bad about the dent he decided to try and undo the damage by eating a piece. I tried to explain that the reason I was so irritated is because the frosting protects the cake from drying out and now we would have stale cake, and I would rather have a dent than an open spot. I am not sure if he got my point or not......... so if you are reading this and you agree with me, could you kindly leave a comment so that James doesn't think I am nuts?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Market

This event is coming soon, and I have nothing ready! I keep finding other things to do at night when I should be sewing...... like looking at wedding blogs.......... and suddenly it is only a few weeks away. Thankfully today I had a whole day to myself, helping out at Carla's studio, and I was able to cut out 20 bags. I am totally loaded up on caffeine right now, so I am hoping for a profitable night!

Wedding Planner?

Not officially, but I am helping a friend decorate for her wedding this spring and I am having a blast doing it. She is getting married in northern Minnesota, and while the church is pretty basic the lodge where the reception is to be held is full of potential and will be so much fun to decorate!!!!!

I admit half the fun of helping with the wedding is that I have a legitimate excuse to pour over Martha Stewart Weddings and dreamy wedding blogs like this one or this one. I have literally wasted hours daydreaming while I browse, and I thought I would share some of our inspiration photos and waste some of your time too, so I don't feel as bad! I hope you enjoy them too - but watch out, even if you have no wedding plans in the near or distant future you might just find yourself addicted.
(p.s all the photos above were taken from the two blogs I linked. and- i promise you I am much better at organizing wedding decorations than I was at getting all the above pictures lined up!)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just had to share......

I have meant to post this link for a long time.... I just keep forgetting. However my aunt mentioned something similar in her last post, so I thought maybe I would share it all with you.

I love, LOVE, LOVE this lady's store! She makes me want long Bohemian locks, a tan and a tropical vacation. At this point in our life I may have hair long enough to donate to two people before I get another vacation! But I can still daydream and imagine what I would pick if the right occasion presented itself!