Friday, April 17, 2009

Just had to share......

I have meant to post this link for a long time.... I just keep forgetting. However my aunt mentioned something similar in her last post, so I thought maybe I would share it all with you.

I love, LOVE, LOVE this lady's store! She makes me want long Bohemian locks, a tan and a tropical vacation. At this point in our life I may have hair long enough to donate to two people before I get another vacation! But I can still daydream and imagine what I would pick if the right occasion presented itself!


Valerie said...

If you decide you want to try out the peasant chic look, please, please, please DO NOT buy anything from this woman. There is no reason to love her shop. Her prices are outrageous, disgusting and disspiriting! While it is true she has great examples of fine work, the artesans are not earning even a fraction of what she is charging.

I am so mad right now that I need to stop or I will go on forever. But I will post something on my blog along with photos of what I bought and what my students bought. Just as an example, her least expensive item, the wraps/shawls, $3.00 US. Yes, $3.00 US dollars. Not $48,not $24, not $36, but $3.00. Stay tuned.

Secondstreetdesigns said...

okay......... thanks for filling me in. i will look forward to your photos.

Hocker said...

Hello Valerie, I just would like to ask you if you know the woman or the artisans? I DO.
do you have an idea of the amount of work required to have a webstore going? taking pictures of every single item? editing them? Many of the pieces on her website you can not find them in any other place, because those are made by her, and yes I do know her and I know how hard she works and how much she does value the work of the artisans. So please stop giving her a bad name.

It is true, if you travel to Mexico you'll find some things very cheap, but I can assure she has the BEST quality, and to get that requires TIME and a big EFFORT.