Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eight Years?????

Crazy! This will be a good year - I hope! After four long years of working full time and going to school, James will be finishing his MBA in a few short weeks.

He also loses his job at Carlson around the same time - so this year might prove challenging for us as he tries to figure out what he is going to do next. He regularly reminds me that "One of the smartest things a guy can do is marry a nurse!" Please, let's just all pray he finds a new job soon, so I can enjoy the summer with Aidan before the school year starts!

So eight years.......... and we are currently at a crossroads. I can't wait to see what I blog next year on our anniversary.

Happy Anniversary James!


BlogWithinABlog said...

"One of the smartest things a guy can do is marry a nurse!"


I seem to remember saying that marrying a nurse is the worst. No sympathy when I'm sick or hurting. None! No, "It's ok honey. Just rest and I'll bring you some chicken noodle soup in bed."

Admittedly it is nice to know Naphtali can have a job in any economic situation. Never fear though. I may start making money off my blog yet! Fulltime you ask? Perhaps...

downthegardenpath said...

congratulations and felicitations on the day.

christa said...

congrats on eight years you two!! where does the time go?

Anonymous said...

ha ha! that's true the smartest thing a guy can do is marry a nurse! luis still doesn't have a job and everybody at church asks him, "why would you even look with a nurse for a wife?" ;)