Wednesday, May 27, 2009


this post is for you. For all the late nights when I have woken you up to pull glass out of my foot when I insisted on rearranging the dishes before going to bed, or for the time when I had to wake you up at 2 a.m. to pull a sewing machine needle out of my finger.........or for the projects I start when you are gone and you later have to finish......... this post is for you.

It all started with that upstairs closet. I know you care alot that I constantly rearrange furniture and rotate seasonal decorations and curtains and pillows and dishes...... (you get the drift, right guys?) And that is why I do it, because I know you care. And for the past few years my decorations have all been a massive tangle in a few huge tubs in the guest bedroom closet. I had a brilliant idea- I would find a dresser to put in the closet and then each season would get their own drawer. (other than Christmas which takes up half of James' garage, because remember, it's all about him.) So I found a dresser. A big, beautiful dresser that I was sure I could carry inside alone. (You know how I love asking people for help.) And since our handy dolly is secured in someones office at the U of M, I had to use Aidan's wagon, and we teetered and tottered our way to the house with only a few small scratches and a broken board - but it's totally glueable.

So - dresser is inside, Aidan is in the tub with a fresh new haircut and I start rearranging the closet. Except the dresser doesn't fit. It is way to huge to fit inside the closet and still be able to open the drawers. No matter how I wiggle and rearrange it just won't work. So now what to do - rearrange the whole room? Bring the dresser down to Aidan's room and bring his dresser's up? Sell it on Craigslist again?

I decide to rearrange the room- and in the midst I fall off the outside stairs and sprain my ankle and also impale myself with a needle that I had to use pliers to get out. (yep, two separate incidents.) A few hours and a few ice packs later, the room is semi-clean, rearranged; I don't exactly love it but I have no time or energy to figure out another plan, because I still have a zillion things to do before I leave for the wedding! My holiday decorations are all neatly stored in their drawers, however all the other items that were in the closet and stashed behind the bed now are the source of an even bigger mess in the closet. Not kidding. I don't even want to take a picture to share with you, it's that bad!

So, James, I want you to know that every time I ran into a snag tonight, every time I had to get the pliers out to pull a needle from my foot, every time I had to refresh my ice pack I thought of you and wondered why on earth I don't heed your advice more often.

I hope this little expert from my life brings you happiness on your journey, honey, and tonight when you go to bed you can say to yourself, "Yep...she admits it........ I am always right." as you drift off to sleep.

Getting it in the door.

The closet before. (Remember it looks worse now!)

Nope, not budging!

See what a charming dresser it is? It was hard to pass up! It just needs the right spot in the house.

I had to rearrange the whole room to accommodate the dresser. I am sure next week it will change again!


downthegardenpath said...

it is a charming dresser. having on in the closet, thouhg, can be tricky because it has to be smal enough to open in the available door space which may make it small enough to be of no use to you.....
you could take the doors off, paint or paper the inside of the closet, add a small chair - turn it into a nook. or replace the doors with curtains to cover yet allow flexibility in your access...
have fun at the wedding. send our greetings to those interested in hearing them. drive carefully and watch the ladders - you won't have james again this weekend!

Julie Sawyer said...

Hi Naphtali - I'm all for taking the doors off and turning it into a nook or using material for a curtain. If you need help believe me Jim would help in a second, while you watch from a safe distance!!

You know your Second Street neighbors are always here to lend a hand.

Have a great weekend.


JG Collection said...

I agree with Julie....TAKE THE DOORS OFF!!!! I LOVE the's really pretty!!

jess said...

Love the dresser. Sorrry about all your woes though. Pretty soon, Aiden can do all that for you right?