Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some blogs I love

I keep addding more blogs to my list of favorites - there are so many amazingly talented people out there it is hard not to find more to love. Here are a few of my recent favorites.
I am really in love with this blog these days, and she in turn has led me to a whole host of others! Check out her great post on potting benches..... guess who is going to stop at the thrift store tomorrow?
This blog is published by/for the CSA I now belong too. I am looking forward to trying some of their recipes, because face it, I have absolutely no idea what to make with sorrel, ramps and parsnips. But you can bet we are going to be healthy.

And what about this one....... Yum! I am so excited for summer and fresh produce!
My biggest problem is, I keep spending time on the computer looking for recipes, when I should bein the kitchen making the recipes. Althoug I did try two new recipes this weekend that are both worth repeating. Maybe you should try them too!
Baked eggs and Rhubarb coffee cake - both should be on your menu for the weekend.


downthegardenpath said...

the potting bench looks great - i'll look forward to seeing your's soon.

Anonymous said...

I too have been busy collecting recipes. Go to Midwest livings website . They have some wonderful recipes for utilizing the goods bought at farmers markets and there are several recipes for vegetarians(no rabbit stew, sorry). Good luck with the rabbits.