Tuesday, May 26, 2009


making vanilla-rhubarb jam. My aunt kindly gave me some rhubarb this weekend and I envisioned pints of jam for all this Christmas.

Ummmm, I have two. little. jars.

But- if you are one of the lucky ones who receives a jar - count yourself blessed, because this is some of the yummiest. jam. ever.

I am also trying my hand at making vanilla. Yes - another Christmas present in the works. Apparently it isn't hard at all, it is more about finding the perfect little bottles to put it in. All you do to make vanilla is soak vanilla beans in rum or vodka. I chose rum, and the hard part for me this month will be resisting the vanilla rum, and waiting patiently for it to become full-fledged vanilla extract.

Aidan and I also have been doing some hard-core cleaning, and we spent the evening riding the rides at Como park. Alas, I forgot my camera, but you can be sure we had a great time. Aidan only raised his cute little hand once to ask for a ride to be stopped. Much better than last year.

I also resisted this dress today. (Sometimes I think we should get credit for what we resist- don't you?) I wanted something to wear to Steph's wedding this weekend, something that would allow me to bend, climb ladders, carry heavy objects, and stay unwrinkled and fresh the whole day. This dress would be perfect, but I took the advice of a wise friend who reminded me I have a loaded closet.
Hope you all had a wonderful day too!

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Valerie said...

Have a great time at the wedding even though you will be incredibly busy. Be sure to take time to celebrate, too.