Thursday, June 4, 2009

Housten, we have a problem.

James - this is another blog post for you. (So the rest of you can read on if you like, or if you want to read another boring post, you can.)
The problem isn't the car, even though I did hit a deer last night I only ran over him with the tires, so not to worry. And when I got pulled over yesterday morning I didn't get a ticket, so rest assured our insurance premiums won't be increasing. And it isn't the foot, I actually have not gone in for it yet. Made a few appointments, but........
Our problem is some bugs. Wasps, specifically and they have made a little nest in a little hole right next to the water spigot in the front of the house. My Grandma told me I should spray them and run, but considering my luck lately I don't think that it is a good idea. So I know you may be jet lagged and all.... but Monday???


Oh- and here is a picture of something else that is waiting for you. (don't worry everyone, you can look, it isn't naughty.)

I Shop-Vacced (sp?) some of my flower beds, but I left all of the helicopters in the backyard for you.

James also kindly asked me what I wanted from London, and I, for the life of me can't come up with anything. Any ideas? ( I take that back, I can think of alot of things, but maybe not in his price range! )


Anonymous said...

It's grandma I can't believe that you shopped vacumned those parchutes .When the wind blows they usually blow away!

Steve and Paula said...

I am reading this post, remembering the one about the dresser and your foot, and something came to mind.
I seem to remember a young lady, who was tasked with making Jello one day at Story Book, and somehow, that Jello ended up getting burned!

Janet M said...

You should have James bring you some Kinder Eggs, they are the best! (You can Google it) You used to be able to get them at the Holy Land Deli, but the last times I was there they didn't have any and they are hard to find here(in the U.S.) How are you liking Twilight? I bet you are hooked and don't want to admit it. LOL