Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am always running five minutes late.

I never used to have that problem. As a matter of fact when I was younger I was one of those always-five-minutes-early kind of people. But now I always want to snag five more minutes of sleep, or quick change the laundry loads, water the plants, etc. So I find myself having to eat breakfast in the car almost every morning.

I try to eat protein in the morning to help me avoid the 10:00am snack break, so I eat alot of peanut butter or turkey sandwiches in the morning. Recently I started using sandwich wraps. No - not because I am green but because it makes my life easier. First, it works as a plate while I make the sandwich, then I wrap the sandwich up in it instead of using a bag, and then it unfolds on my lap so I don't end up with a lap full of crumbs! Pretty handy! You can find instructions for making yours here. They are super fast and easy to make, no matter what your skill level with the sewing machine.

I also eat cottage cheese alot of mornings for breakfast. I know - kind of an old lady food. But I found a brand recently that I love so I thought I would share. (That is actually what inspired this whole blog post - cottage cheese! ) Yes, it is a little pricier, but oh-so-much-tastier. If you like cottage cheese you should definitely try this.

I know I could solve alot of my problems by just waking up five minutes earlier. But now that I have my in-the-car breakfast routine down, I figure the five extra minutes of sleep will do me some good!


Nick said...

Are you trying James' "Tuna fish and Oatmeal" recipe for you on the road breakfasts?

bethany said...

You love corn chowder AND cottage cheese? You are an incredible human being. :)