Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Where to start? We were busy with so many activities, half of which I failed to take photos of. We spent Friday at Wild Mountain riding the alpine slides, water slides and go-carts. This is the only photo I have, but I think you get the point. We were all sooo tired when we came home!

Saturday we went to the lake with the Rivers/Goetze family. The boys had a blast fishing. Aidan didn't catch any fish, but Ethan managed to land a whopper! Aidan also went tubing. I wish I had taken more pictures showing the progression of his face from "Wow - this is fun," to "Okay - I think I have had enough" and then to full blown sobbing.

(I did not mean to cut his head off!)

We came home that evening so we could watch the fireworks in Minneapolis off the Hennepin Avenue bridge. We decided to really be smart this year, and we rode our bikes down to the waterfront, thereby avoiding traffic and landing us a spot right in the middle of the festivities without having to fight the crowds. I think for the rest of our life whenever we want to beat the crowds we are going to hop on our bikes! I didn't take any good pictures of the fireworks, because quite frankly after last years display these were rather disappointing. Sailfest ruined them for us.

Sunday we had some friends over for a barbecue and apparently a little friendly competition. Someone went home that evening with blisters on their hands. And once again all the kids, including James and Josh slept soundly.

That about sums up our weekend! I hope you all enjoyed family and friends as well.

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