Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday James!!!!! or "Ode to the Grill"

No............... his birthday is not for another month. But we couldn't help ourselves!

This is James' grill. We received it as a wedding gift from his high school friends eight years ago. It has seen many, many barbeques and also has noticed a vast improvement in the meat that it's produced over the years as well.

This grill could tell a lot of stories too, like the story about the time I tried to help James out by pre-heating the grill and pretty much melted it. (I since repainted it and fixed it up, but that is why the handle is missing)

Or the time I asked James to make a pork loin and a few hours later we had a small brick the size of a chicken breast?

Or impromptu gatherings with friends from far and near that have visited us over the years? Brian and Stacy, Doug and Bonnie, Jen and Eric, Caleb and Elisha to name a few. It seems like all good gatherings are around the grill.

I remember once we had been married a little over a year and my parents were visiting us in our little duplex in Northeast Minneapolis. I was preparing a cranberry-raspberry marinade for the chicken and my dad turned up his nose at the idea of fruit and chicken. Well - he went out to grill and after enjoying quite a few pieces while he was grilling he eventually admitted that was some good chicken.

And remember the big surprise 30th birthday party that you totally figured out, James, because your friend stunk at keeping you away from home for the day? And Ken Habel grilled up a vast array of chicken on that tiny little grill?

Yes- call me sentimental but that grill has been the center of many meals with many friends over the past decade.

But now.......... (drumroll please!)


we have a bigger grill! To make more memories with!

When do you want to come over?

(this was supposed to be for James' birthday in August. But we found one at Target clearanced from 199.99 to 49.99. So now James will be able to grill his own birthday dinner.
And Aidan has a fort.)


Stacy said...

Sweet deal!!! I may have to head over to my target! I'm looking forward to new meals on the new grill - the old ones were always so delicious!

christa said...

wow, that's an amazing deal! you can grill me something anytime!

Kari said...

Oh how I love a good deal! Such a great early birthday gift. I'm sure you will enjoy it yourself.

downthegardenpath said...

oh, my!!

Chelle said...

That was a killer good deal!
sure enjoyed catching up with you over here. It's been a while.