Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aidan's first "Official" Sleepover

This post is very old- I am sorry I am so behind this summer! I think these photos are almost a month old now! Can you believe it? I have to get caught up so I can actually be current, however, as I am keeping a blog instead of a scrapbook for my child, I can't miss the big milestones. So you must suffer through a few posts that are really rather old now. But as I have the computer to myself this evening, I might just be able to make some progress.

They played an exciting game of marbles,

roasted marshmallow's,

bathed, (I know- they will hate me for this someday!)

watched Scooby-Doo,

And slept. For awhile. Somehow the night didn't go quite as planned and involved a midnight rendezvous with someones mom.
But that's okay- Aidan and I still had a sleepover. Except you won't be seeing any pictures of me asleep in the tent!

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