Saturday, August 29, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a super huge sports fan, right? As a matter of fact last night Aidan asked me what my favorite sport was, and because I love them all so much all I could think of was "The Olympics!"

Seriously folks I am so not into sports, and when Christa told me she could get us tickets on the Home Run Porch I envisioned a little screened in area where we would watch all the players run to home base while we sipped lemonade.
But regardless- it was fun just to hang out with Stacy, Christa and our boys. Thanks Christa for organizing the night for us all!

On our way downtown.

Thanks for the tattoo's Christa!

Hee hee, aren't they all so cute?

All of us had tattoos! I wore mine proudly to show what a true fan I am!

This was right before they got kicked out of these seats.

But the guy that kicked them out also gave them each an autographed baseball. Which reminds me.... where on earth did ours go?

Christa took them down to meet...... not sure who the furry guy is. I was going to say
Goldy Gopher, but even I know that is the wrong mascot!

Stacy watched Aidan all week so that he could go to DVBS with her kids. (Thanks again!) They had spent the morning at DVBS, the afternoon at Como zoo, and so he was pooped out by the time we made it to the game, and spent a good portion of it like this. Not that I minded one bit!

I was trying to take the perfect family picture for Stacy's husband Brian, who is deployed to Japan right now. I tried................

Such a cutie!
I would tell you more about the game, but I don't remember who they played- only that is was a very long game and the Twins lost.
All I remember is the good company I spent the evening with- and that is all that matters!

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