Saturday, August 29, 2009


So every time Stacy comes we all love to hang out, and every time Stacy comes we try and take the perfect picture of the four of us. None of them have turned out very well except this one (we all know we are prettier than those pictures made us look, right?) It was taken two years ago, and I am sure that none of us have aged a bit.

Even though I don't tell them very often, these three ladies are three of my favorite ladies, and I am glad for the chances we have to hang out- even though sometimes it seems like we only see each other when Stacy is in town! I guess it is a good thing she keeps coming back!

We have all been friends now for over a decade and yes- getting closer to two- but when we hang out I feel like we are all young again.

So here is to the last 15 years, and to the next 15 years that Lord willing, will follow!

And next time we are going to take the best picture ever!


christa said...

that was only two years ago? we all look a lot younger in that picture! hmm...maybe i'll say just we look different - not younger - because that would infer that we are in fact aging, which we're not!!

downthegardenpath said...

all the catch-up posts were great. it's a marvel that you all have stayed connected. an enviable marvel.
hope you have memerable plans for this last week of freedom.....