Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Diversion

Aidan and I have been learning what that word means. He saw it on Word Girl a few weeks ago and so he has been finding ways to create "diversions" so he can steal my root beer or dessert. Today estate saling was a little diversion for me. I know - I am very sentimental, (I just prefer to try and hide it a little) so I have to admit today was a tough one.

Back to the diversion. My Grandma J. gave me this picture when we were visiting. It has hung on her wall for years and I love it. The colors are so soothing.

I think it would look great on a grey wall.

I also have been thinking about empty frames, that they would look neat on my big wall. This photo, unfortunately, does not show them at their finest, as they all are textured and have a perfect patina.

My Grandma also gave me this lamp, and since James did such a great job rewiring the last lamp she gave me, I have no doubt he can fix this one up too.

And last, this piece of Red Wing Pottery. I know it has a crack, but I do not care. I love the shape and the color and think it was totally worth the $1.00 I paid for it.

So - for tomorrow's diversion - lunch with a friend at SpoonRiver, a few Estate sales in Northeast Minneapolis and some more time at the gym. Then I am headed to Viroqua WI for a ladies retreat hosted by a friends church.

Then the diversions are over and we settle back into a regular routine. School -work - school -work......... and maybe I will catch up on some blog posts too!


bethany said...

I love your empty frame idea! I have the hardest time choosing photos and artwork to frame because I'm always drawn to such ornate frames...empty frames might just be the best solution! :)

And, that piece of Red Wing pottery is gorgeous!

downthegardenpath said...

wait a minute - how was school!?