Monday, September 14, 2009

State Fair

Have you ever watched the old musical, State Fair? It is one of my favorites. I remember watching it at my Grandma J's house one summer - and my Grandpa sang along the whole way through. I thought the fair looked magical in that movie, but I never was very impressed with the fairs I went to in real life. I have been to fairs from Pennsylvania to Minnesota, but never really felt the allure.

Until this year. This year we actually went during the day, on a perfectly cool summer day to be exact, and as a family with a son who was all excited about the animals and displays. We were able to observe firsthand as they participants groomed their horses before the show, and we also watched the judging of pigs and sheep. We hardly ate any "fair food" rather we enjoyed all the horticulture and agriculture buildings and we even took a ride on the gondola across the fair! (we had promised this to Aidan at last years fair- and trust me, he didn't forget)

So in case you weren't able to make it to a fair this year- here's what you missed!

This pig was snorting like crazy, so James called his brother........

There are some beautiful chickens out there. And yes, we are contemplating getting a few. I think fresh eggs would be awesome. My only stipulation: we have to move first.

Aidan was our photographer!

He was also on You Tube. You can find it here, number 090208. It didn't work out so well for him since he can't read yet. Maybe next year.

All the beautiful, natural plants and animals in the horticulture building and this is what Aidan loved the most.


christa said...

fun looking at all your pictures - we skipped all those buildings, well, except for the animals. but it's nice to see other people's view of the fair!!

downthegardenpath said...

how fun. we haven't gone the last couple years and i do miss it.

Nick said...

I guess I should feel special for being the one to take the "Call of the Pork" from James.