Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another dilemma???

So we are having family photos taken next weekend by this talented lady.

They will be our first official photos since Aidan was a baby. (No one even saw the other ones as they were really U-G-L-Y and I was in the hideous stage of dying my hair dark brown. Why didn't anyone tell me how awful that hair color looked?!?!)

Anyway, I am trying to decide what on earth we should wear! It probably sounds self centered, but as James and Aidan look great no matter what they wear, I feel like I need to pick my clothes first, and then coordinate them to me. Although I hate being overly matchy-matchy......... But since this is probably the last photo we will do for a few years, (and since it will be a Christmas gift for all our relatives) I want us to look nice. We are going to be shooting at an old abandoned barn, so I am thinking (for me) dress, boots and a denim jacket. But finding
the perfect dress is much harder than I thought it would be! (And no James, it is not already hanging in my closet, because I asked you what you like the most on me and you came up with nothing.

Has anyone seen any cute dresses lately? I was thinking maybe something like this.

or this

Or maybe I should ask her to only take head shots..... that would eliminate all our problems.
No wonder we can only do this once every five years.


downthegardenpath said...

you look good in so mny things - your long gey cardigan with any basic and boots!? i'm sure all the family appreciate the thoughtful consideration you are putting into this gift but honestly - you'll look good, we'll like the pictures. just smile and be relaxed - everything looks better accessorized with happiness.

Valerie said...

Speaking as a family member who hopes to receive one of these photos, trying too hard to look perfect, to have coordinating outfits, etc. will show up in the photo. Let everyone wear their most favorite, most comfortable clothing....the go-to outfit that makes you happy no matter what it is. What will make a gorgeous photo is the happiness your faces that comes from being together, from having resolved the dilemnas you talked about yeaterday, from working with a wonderful photographer in a beautiful setting, and from knowing no one receiving the photos will be critiquing what any of you wear. If that seems too hard, ask your photographer for ideas about colors that photograph well.

Valerie said...

I am laughing....your mother and I were thinking the same thing at the same time! I think this is a sign to take our advice to heart!

Anonymous said...

Do your own thing! Youalways look good. I always think you'll know that! Love ya!

jess said...

I on the other hand like the paisleyish orangy dress with boots and a denim or brown suede jacket. It's so much fun to dress someone else. :)

BlogWithinABlog said...

Val said, "Let everyone wear their most favorite, most comfortable clothing" I wholeheartedly agree! I mean where is my say in the whole matter? How bout we wear pajamas?