Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Day of the Giveaway!

I thought I had more than 8 readers.... if you are lurking out please feel free to comment. You don't even have to comment on my blog, but just blogs in general. And you can enter even if you have won before.

Today is kind of a freebie for me. I had a bunch of errands to do and places to go and I am home with a sick kid instead. We have spent the first half of the morning snuggled on the couch. I love days like that as they are so rare now that he is in school. We did have a rough morning, however, because today was to be Aidan's first ever field trip and he has been talking about it all week. "Only three more days until the big day mom......" "I learned who my team is for the field trip mom....." Poor boy. I am also assuming he has H1N1 as his only symptoms are a high fever and headache. I hope he does okay with it. Some of our friends' children only had those symptoms for a day or two and then they were better, where others have had it last all week and ended up needing hospitalization for severe dehydration.

This week I received two great surprises, both of which I have pictures to share with you, but none of the pictures are loaded onto the computer yet. On Tuesday a big box of dried lavender came in the mail from this lady's garden. Thanks so much Mindy! What a treat to find that in my mailbox. (Mindy knew my parents (and our family) years ago when they all went to the same church in Fargo ND.) I am thinking sachets, but am not too sure yet.

And yesterday I was at work and I happened to look out the window and see a figure looking alot like James bolting across the parking lot through the rain. I thought about calling him to see why he would be at Unity Hospital, but then I let it go thinking it was probably my imagination. Well, a few moments later who should appear but James with a vase of flowers for me, congratulating me on getting through his unemployment. (I don't know if he was being kind, or if I really did okay. I thought I occasionally "spazzed out" and drove him crazy. Maybe he was just being kind.) Anyway, I usually always work at our Mercy Hospital office, but that happened to be the only day in the past few months I was at our Unity Hospital office. So in other words, he had all the ladies talking about what an amazing guy he was to drive to not one - but TWO hospitals in search of his wife. Thanks James, they are right. And yes, I will miss you when you are gone all the time again.

This week a friend and I tried our hand at making lefse. It turned out rather well, if I do say so myself. Her parents have sold it for years and so she is thinking we should do the same. We will see if anyone actually wants to buy it from us! (And Jane - it is nothing like Bob's. He has the Kahl family totally spoiled as his the thinnest, most tender lefse you can imagine. I have no idea how he can make it like that! Maybe in 25 years Carin and I will be at that level)

I also picked up a chair on Craigslist for 10 dollars that I plan to reupholster. A friend of mine recovered a chair like it recently following step by step instructions that she found on You Tube. So we will see. I need to finish up a few other projects first. (My living room is currently half painted. And did you know that Behr painter and primer in one works on every color but red? That's what the man who works at the counter told me, so I am priming over the red, cursing the day I chose that color. ( I think maybe someone warned me about that.... but I did love the color and it made our living room very warm and cozy the last few years.) But the time has come to move on! I am so excited!

So that's the week folks. Hopefully Aidan will be recovered tomorrow as we have lots of plans! What about you? What kind of plans do you have? (And after I find my camera I will insert some pics into the post to help liven it up a little.)


Micah said...

I'm sorry aiden is sick, that's exactly what our kids had to. I hope he feels better soon. I hear you're coming up for deer season! Anson and Aiden will have to get together to play on Saturday. Have fun painting. I found out that I would never EVER paint a wall red again too, then I went and painted my cupboard doors red. Oh well.

jenica said...

I hope Aidan feels better soon. My kids had something (h1n1?), but it was short lived and just a cough has hung on.

I love lefse! We know a lady who makes it perfectly, but I haven't had it for years.
That's a sweet story about James bringing you flowers!

I got the primer/paint in one, but haven't tried it yet.
Can't wait to see your living room!