Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week in review

It has been a good week.

Nothing extraordinary but if you have five minutes to burn and a cup of coffee I will tell you all about it.

We had a date - an actual date- for the first time in months. (for some reason, both of us being home during the day during James' unemployment has not seemed like a date to me, as there is always a huge to-do list.) We went to Broders, one of my favorite restaurants, and then enjoyed some coffee and each others company afterward.

We both made some decisions this week, so starting November James will be employed at a telemedicine start-up in Eden Prairie and I am going to be nurse manager at the cardiology clinic where I am currently employed. There was alot of prayer, soul-searching and pro/con lists that went into our decision making, and it is a relief to have answers and be at peace with them. For James this job means a much longer commute, which also opens up some new options, and for me my job means much more flexibility, which will be very helpful as James will have longer hours away from home with his long commute.

And a little side note - I know it may not have always seemed like it, but I did enjoy James unemployment. After 5 years of having him working and completing his MBA, it was nice to feel like we had a functioning family again. And even though I am thankful he found a job, I am going to miss being able to eat dinner together at 5:00 and all the extra time he had for little household projects. During his unemployment he started fixing our vehicles, (which is almost a full time job) upgraded lots of the fixtures around the house, made yogurt and most recently replaced the carpet in Aidan's room. On the other hand I love that when I tidy up the house before I leave, I will return to a tidy house when I come home.

I also experienced having a credit card stolen for the first time ever, which if nothing else, is a total pain. I never realized how many accounts I have that are linked to it! Paypal, Amazon, Ebay, Netflix, Etsy, MPR,, and all my grocery services. Yikes!

This week I received my first ever flu shot and the H1N1 vaccine. Over the past few weeks quite a few people I know who are in the medical field have had bad experiences with the H1N1, including one physician who lost his son, and others who have had seriously ill family members requiring hospitalization. So I decided to roll up my sleeves and get in line. And I also will be giving the vaccinations to Aidan for the first time in his little life.

And last but not least- I finally decided on paint for my living room, and tonight I may even start priming! I am so excited! My old living room items have been selling quite well on Craigslist - for quite a profit too - it's all about picking up the right kind of secondhand items that people will be willing to pay for later. Things are taking shape: I fixed up an old lamp to work with a new lampshade using electrical tape, (I was rather proud of that one.) I embellished a couple pillows I found on clearance, and snagged the chair from my guest bedroom until I find another. I am still trying to find a rug- James and Aidan keep asking me when I am going to get one as the wood floors are not very comfortable for wrestling on. I had found the perfect rug at Anthro- but as it sat in my virtual shopping cart while I saved my money, they sold out.

(the lampshade)

So - while most of the week probably seemed un-monumental to you, it was a great week for us.

And that's a wrap folks. We are taking Aidan trick-or-treating at the gym today, and then we are off to the apple orchard.

(This is where James and Aidan have spent most of their week. James bought some electronic circuit toy/science project and they have been making projects all week. Now you know why they keep asking about a rug!)


Sarah said...

So are you switching your living room to darker, cooler colors? It really is fun to see what bargain shopping and a little creativity can can do! Stinks about your credit card. Bleh. But hooray for James' new job!

It was really nice to read your post about the tough realities, mixed in with the creative decorating ideas, mixed in with family stuff. Such is life; no compartmentalizing. We've been having a month of our own here. One minute we're talking possible major life changes and the next I'm painting the bathroom :) Thanks for sharing!

downthegardenpath said...

you didn't tell us the color!!

it is amazing how full days can seem when seemingly all you're doing is making decisions. and i know that at your house there are always plenty of things to fill your day) i am glad to hear that things are settled - for all of you.

i'm leaning towards a flu shot this year...never had one but our week has been full of medical check ups so it seems like a logical next step although i may talk myself out of it...

Stephanie said...

Good to hear James got a job and about your promotion!

MaryBeth said...

wow...we have to catch up.

Nice Wii pants james :)