Saturday, December 19, 2009

Field Trip

No, Aidan didn't get to go on one yet. We are still home sick. I brought him in Monday because I KNEW he had Strep throat and I wanted to start him on antibiotics for it right away so he wouldn't miss so much school, but the test came back negative. So three days later as he continues to feel worse I brought him in again and guess what he has? Strep throat and a double ear infection. For him it has been a bad week to be sick. He missed the field trip, the TaeKwonDo test out, his last (and favorite) soccer class and I had to cancel a Christmas party I was having for co-workers.

I, on the other hand, was able to get alot done. Baking, Christmas cards and some deep cleaning, along with all the movie watching and game playing.

But the real reason I started writing this post was to tell you about the field trip Aidan and James took last Saturday. They went to an open house at a place called Leonardo's basement - a place where kids can create out of junk. Sooo......... we have lots of little junk creations around the house right now. I was really encouraging thme to make Christmas gifts for the Grandma's but we get to keep all the stuff they made instead.

The picture above is the ship he made. As with most amazing works of art I had a hard time capturing its essence on film.

The picture below has some cookie cutters they made. Once we are no longer contagious we will give them a try and see how they work!

They also made a little robot of a floatie and some wine corks. I was amazing at their creativity!
So even though he missed out on his field trip this week, he had lots of fun with James last weekend.

Good job you guys!


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poor aidan - hope he feels better soon! what a bummer to miss two field trips this year!!