Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting ready!

Here he is wrapping all the present for mommy's stocking.
All. by. himself.
Mind you, he used the entire roll of paper on the few small gifts.

And here he is wrapping little gifts for all his Grandma's.

The finished product.

He is quite proud. This was his first experience curling ribbon, and it was very memorable. Now most of the gifts at our house have curled ribbon on them.

Thanks for helping me Aidan!


downthegardenpath said...

i hope you don't get tired of hearing what an extraordinary young man you're raising. as much as i enjoy the hustle and bustle of traditional christmas activities - baking, shopping, music, decorating, family visits, cards - you need a child in the house to enjoy the fullest expression of the season. make the most of it, sweetie. can't wait to see what was wraaped for me!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THAT KID! My tree is purple red silver this year! Love ya!