Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I didn't realize I could share, but we can. Here is the information from Jennie if you are interested in seeing all our pictures.

Didn't she do a great job?!? I would recommend her to anyone, and talk about fast service!

Oh- And I also forgot to add........ a random bystander asked if we were local celebrities. I will let you imagine what we told them. Hee Hee.

I would like to invite you to view pictures at Jennie Gaskins Photography. They are located at
When you go to the website click the Access Gallery link and enter in the access code below:
Access code: friends
After you do that you will be able to view these pictures. "


downthegardenpath said...

the pictures are gorgeous!! it looks like it was a lot of fun for all of you.

bethany said...

My gosh, no wonder someone asked if you were local celebs...you all look fantastic! That must have been such a fun experience :) Your photos look so beautiful, natural and classic...exactly the kind of photos that should be framed and looked at daily!

Often I think about having a little photo shoot with my best friend the next time we're together...consider me inspired! :)

Sarah said...

Total magazine spread! Amazing! And now that I've seen them all, I really like the coffee shop one too! an impressive shoot! Oh, and I like Jen's mittens! =)