Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Something New...........

So this past week I had the chance to have a new experience - I met someone I only know via blog.

It could have been weird, but it wasn't. I felt like I had known her a long time. We enjoyed lunch at the Town Talk Diner and then I invited myself to tag along with her while she did some Christmas shopping. I know, my manners are pretty bad these days. I was late to our lunch as well so probably not a good first impression. Oh - and I had meant to go to the gym before our lunch but instead I slept in until our lunch, so I hadn't showered or anything nice like that either. Like I said, a brilliant first impression. In other words, this post might not ever have a sequel!

But if it does, it would be swell. Thanks for coming out to meet me Bethany! I had a delightful time with you. And to all the readers, she is just as fresh and real in real life as she is on her blog.

And in case she blogs about our day I am glad my post is hitting the world wide web first. Bethany has such a way with words, that if she blogs about our meeting it will blow my post out of the water!

(P.s I did not take the photo. I found it here on on Flickr.)


downthegardenpath said...

glad you had fun and i like the new look!!

bethany said...

Naphtali, I was just working on my little post about our meeting, but being the procrastinator that I am, opted to read a few blogs beforehand! :)

Reading your post about our meeting made me all warm and sunshiney...I am so very, very glad we met!! And don't be silly...being late just made it feel even more like we already knew each other...just two old pals meeting to catch up over lunch :) Honestly, the next time we're in each other's stomping grounds, we must meet again! :)

And, am I the worst blogger or what? I completely forgot to ask our waiter to take a photo for us! Gosh. Epic blogging fail. Seriously epic. :)

Ooo...also the coasters and poster look like pure perfection in my apartment. Thank you so very much! I adore them! :)