Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So excited for a friends baby shower this weekend.
I found this cute mobile on sale at Sundance.
I should have ordered two.


bethany said... it silly if I want one of these over my bed? :)

Also, I've never heard of Sundance...but when I hit that link, and I landed on the Sundance page, there was the most beautiful white rose ring on the main page...

*sigh* So dreamy.

Stacy said...

Two, like one for you?! :)

JG Collection said...


On Second Street said...

no silly, it is not for me. It is such a good deal though, it would be great to keep one on hand for a quick gift. And yes, I love that website. I drool over every magazine they send me, and I have a pile of earmarked ones for "the next house" The good news is their stuff clearences out quite reasonably.