Thursday, April 1, 2010


Last week I had to put together a basket to be auctioned off at a fundraiser for the hospital. We had to pick a theme based on a movie. Our movie was "Untamed Heart" which takes place in Minneapolis, largely in an old diner, so the theme for my basket was "shop local." I had so much fun filling the basket, I wish shopping could be a permanent part of my job description. For some reason I took the pictures before I was completely finished, but you get the general idea. I went into one of my new favorite shops, I Like You, to buy some items to fill the basket and while there I asked if I could buy a metal wire basket that they were using as a prop. The shop-owner graciously declined my offer but sent me to the. most. amazing. shop. ever. (And that is where I found the basket in the picture above.) I don't even know how to tell you about it without using all bold, italics and exclamation points. I cannot believe I have lived in the Cities this many years and not have known about it. I mean, I randomly roam the streets of both Cities searching for places like that, I must have driven by it a million times.
Anyway - I better just simmer down and get back to my story.

Ever since my neighbor fixed my lamp I have been trying to find a perfect lampshade for it. My other shade in that room is so neat that the bar is set pretty high. They had some amazing shades at Hunt And Gather made of vintage trims and barkcloth, and of course the only one I liked was $80.00, but I did snag an empty lampshade frame there for only $8.00, so now I have to find the perfect fabric to cover it with. Hmmm... it may stay empty for awhile!


Stacy said...

Did your neighbor fix your lamp? I'm not sure you've mentioned that before... ;) (kidding of course!)

On Second Street said...

just gotta give credit where credit is due. Besides - nice meighbors are totally braggable. They are rare these days! James said I can have him chop down some of my trees too, so just wiat for all the bragging blogging I do then! :)