Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sooo..... We did it.

That's right. It has taken us six years but we finally did it.

We had Aidan's first ever birthday party.

(Note to self for next year. Remember, if you only want 4 kids, only send 4 invites. Sending 8 invites expecting people to not make it doesn't work. )

Thankfully we had nice weather so we could send them all outside.

(This is Maya, the lone girl that he invited. All the boys like her because she is so kind to them)

Aidan requested a dinner of Chinese dumplings, sesame orange chicken and fried rice.

Have I ever mentioned he goes to a Chinese Immersion school?????

Afterwards they had a treasure hunt outdoors which was supposed to take 30 minutes. It lasted 5 and I have no pictures (but lots of movies courtesy of James) Oh well.

Later the kids sang "Happy Birthday" in Mandarin and we went to the park to run off some energy. They were all so well behaved but I still have to stop here and give credit to teacher's everywhere. We had nine kids and three adults. Aidan's teacher has 25 kids every day. Enough said.

I won't win any mom-of-the-year awards with this party because I totally cheated and bought pre-made food at Costco and Trader Joe's. And..... when I sat down with Aidan to look at recipes for cake I have to say I was sorely disappointed. He chose a box mix.

A box mix???

Whose kid is he?????


downthegardenpath said...

what fun!!

MommaMindy said...

He sounds like one of mine!!!!

Does that mean I get to keep him?

Buying prepackaged food isn't cheating. Just because you CAN cook, doesn't mean you always HAVE to. You had dozens of hands and feet in your life that day. You coped and made the day wonderful.

Sounds like a Mom of the Year kinda' birthday to me!