Sunday, May 16, 2010

house calls

call him.

he makes house calls.

but don't confuse him with Aidan, who also lives at our house. he is not Aidan, he is the Doctor, and he does not think it is very funny if you mix them up.

(I don't know how appropriate it is for the Doctor to put his feet on his patient. But his rates are pretty good. )


bethany said...

Oh, this is so adorable! :)

I have a fear of doctors, but there's something sweet enough about this one that I think I could handle calling him up diagnose an ache or pain!

downthegardenpath said...

Too cute!! I'd love to have a print of him in his glasses. Does the good doctor have a name? Will he show up in his pjs at my house, too? Do I need a translator?

Is the patient recovering? Did you make it through the art fair?