Sunday, August 8, 2010

a little detour

i still have a few vacation pics to post, I am determined to make it through them all, for posterity's sake.

in the meantime the rest of my life is flying by and i have blogged nothing.

so i am going to take a little detour and tell you that Steph and I ate here and went here last week.


the food was good, (they make a mean beet salad and i think even Steph may become a beet lover eventually if she keeps eating salads like that.

but even better than the food, (but not quite as good as the company) was the play.

I had watched the original movie a few weeks ago and I wondered who on earth they could find to fill Marlon Brando's role.

I had no idea until after the play when I was commenting to Steph on the actors' muscles that it was actually Ricardo Antonio Chavira from Desperate Housewives. Nicely done, Guthrie.
Looking forward to the next one Steph!

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