Monday, August 2, 2010

More RI

If you drive through Rhode Island on I-95, you might think to yourself, "Who would live here?" East to West the state is only 20 miles, and North to South it is but 40. Most of it feels like freeway, but remember that first impressions are not always accurate. Rhode Island has over 400 miles of coastline (according to Wikipedia) and the beaches there are indescribable.

We spend one day in Newport RI, and found the area to be a new favorite. We took a water taxi from Jamestown RI to Newport , and on the way we stopped and spent some time on Rose Island, which is one of the only working lighthouses left in the US. (they also rent rooms there if you don't mind helping out.) I would love to stay there someday, it was still wild and beautiful.

Newport is a very wealthy town. We fit right in. (not really, but I felt a little more "Newport-like" after I bought my big hat. There were huge yachts there from all over the world, most of them larger than my home. We squeezed a lot of site-seeing into our day trip, and now I am going to squeeze a lot of photos into this one post.

Enjoy your tour of Newport!

Heading out on the water taxi.

Rose Island

Collecting sea glass. They actually "make" sea glass there, so we all went home with a pocketful.

He is a great little traveller!

The island is totally off-the-grid and self sustaining. Here Aidan is helping the guide stir the water in the cistern.

Here they are pumping water into the bathroom for me.

Rose Island used to be a fort before the Revolutionary War, and the barracks are still standing.
Later it became an infirmary, but all who came died. Our guide has been working on the island for years and she swears it is haunted. Apparently an episode of Ghost Hunters was recently filmed here, so she warned us that if we wanted to book a room on the island we better do so before the show airs!

Kate collecting sea glass.
When you are ready to leave the island you release the yellow flag, and the taxi will then come and pick you up!

We are ready to go!

Newport Bay

Of all the things we saw that day, Aidan loved this anchor most and would have gladly spent the whole day climbing on it.

Picking out our lunch.

More of the bay.


The hat. It was very bright out and even with sunglasses I was squinting, so it was a very necessary purchase. Oh - and did I mention the saleslady told me I looked like a glamorous movie star? Maybe that's what sold me on it.........

We ate a lot of ice cream during our stay our East! The weather was always so hot it was the perfect treat.

A gorgeous sunset was the perfect end to our day.


Valerie said...

Oh my goodness....thank you, thank you, thank you. Love the photos and the details. So inspiring and beautiful. What kind of camera do you use? And, yes, you look glamourous (sp?) with the hat and dark glasses.

Now I do wish I had taken more photos.

bethany said...

Glam goddess! Look at you! I've always wanted to rock the sunhat but feared I'd look silly-but you've done it so effortlessly that I'm pretty inspired :)

More gorgeous photos, making me crave my vacation even MORE. Jealous!

Jennifer said...

So I am a little out of date, for sure, but really enjoyed seeing your trip photos! Love what the "lightspot" thing does - keep it going is my vote. What a bunch of fun things all packed into one trip. Glad to see Jakob again too!