Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

We spent the day running errands, playing games, wrestling, sledding, and hanging out.

Aidan was a real trooper and endured a lunch meeting at "mommy's work" and then a long, drawn out shopping experience at Anthropologie. So I kind of felt like I "owed him" some fun for the rest of the day.

For some reason Aidan really wanted to go to IKEA, (he loves the playland and always wants to spend his day off there.) I obliged but I admit it wasn't the brightest idea we have ever had. Thanksgiving eve, in a snowstorm, driving to IKEA which is on the way to a busy airport.......... like I said, not the brightest plan. We bought some white paper to wrap Christmas gifts, ate an ice cream cone and then headed back home.

We decided the evening was too beautiful to be spent indoors. We did some sledding and then I played "sled dog" and took Aidan all around the neighborhoods. (pulling a 50 lb. + child through the snow is way easier than the Insanity workouts I have been doing lately.)

There are some moments in parenthood you wish you could capture forever and last night we had one of those. Picture this. I am pulling him through the snowy streets. He is laying on his back looking up at the snow with his head resting in his hands and he says "Mom - I had the best day. Thanks."

Melt my heart. Yes-we can go to IKEA in a snowstorm any time you want. And yes, I will be glad to pull you through the neighborhood anytime.

Sorry, my pictures ended up in reverse order. But regardless, wouldn't you agree the park is amazing at night? Recently one blogger asked what kind of software I have - it is Lightroom and it's possibilities are endless; I am barely skimming the surface. ( I think i need to take a community ed class about how to use it.)
Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

just making stuff

For those who ask/wonder, i do still sew, just not fanatically the way i used to.
I am having problems coming up with Christmas ideas for this year though because I have given away so many lap blankets, bags, scarves, mittens etc. over the years that I fear I have overloaded my loved ones with handmade gifts.
Last weekend I scoured the craft fair in search of new ideas or even some new homemade gifts that I could give, (even if I didn't make them) but I couldn't find much that was fresh and new.
Maybe next weekend at the No-Coast.

Just had to throw this one in. This is one of our last fall pics. We had unseasonably warm weather through October and so Aidan was still running around in shorts. One Sunday afternoon he needed to "rest" for a few minutes and this is how he fell asleep.

Monday, November 22, 2010

a few more trip pics

We spent a few days at my parents house. Aidan loved playing with Charlie, I don't know that the feeling is mutual. However, for the first time ever Charlie slept in the same room as Aidan. Usually Aidan tries to force Charlie to sleep in his room and Charlie endures for a few minutes and then whines at the door until we set him free. This year they must have come to some kind of understanding, or maybe Charlie is just getting too old and tired to put up a fuss. Regardless, Aidan was thrilled to wake up one morning and find Charlie was still on the foot of his bed. And yes, these photos make me want to buy Aidan a dog.

My Mom and Dad put us to work. Aidan hauled about 25 bags of mulch and apparently acquired some huge muscles while doing so.

Enjoying a well-deserved break from Aidan.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

its almost december

so i figured i should finish blogging about october.

we went to visit my parents and spent a few days at their home and a few days in Estes Park, CO.

Here's a few pics.

We had a good time with some great company.

(Aidan receieved a free deoderant at the cabins we stayed at. He kept it in his pockets the whole trip
and would whip it out and re-apply every so often)

This is the the man who has owned Tiny Town mini golf course and cottages for the past 50 years. My dad golfed there when he was a kid and we have been golfing there every year as well.

Our trip to the mountains was short but while we were there we enjoyed some of the most perfect fall days. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


making this

Christmas shopping here and here. (and I can now say I am almost done!)

listening to this

doing this

photos here, here, here, here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

catching up

I think I was so excited to blog about the party I failed to share a couple things with you, like pictures of our trip to CO with my parents, or Halloween, or an amazing little table I found at a sale. You know - all the important stuff.

Today Aidan and I are hanging out. We slept in a secret fort in the living room last night, laughed over some poems in "Where the Sidewalk Ends," played some games, and pretty soon we are going to head out to the gym and visit a friend.

Back to my Halloween pictures. This year Aidan dressed up as a cowboy - thankfully he was willing to "re-use" a costume he had worn this summer at YMCA camp because I didn't have time to be very creative that week. However James also had purchased an astronaut costume when he was at the Smithsonian recently so Aidan wore that costume to the Halloween party at church.

Either way, I think he looks cute - wouldn't you agree?