Monday, November 15, 2010

catching up

I think I was so excited to blog about the party I failed to share a couple things with you, like pictures of our trip to CO with my parents, or Halloween, or an amazing little table I found at a sale. You know - all the important stuff.

Today Aidan and I are hanging out. We slept in a secret fort in the living room last night, laughed over some poems in "Where the Sidewalk Ends," played some games, and pretty soon we are going to head out to the gym and visit a friend.

Back to my Halloween pictures. This year Aidan dressed up as a cowboy - thankfully he was willing to "re-use" a costume he had worn this summer at YMCA camp because I didn't have time to be very creative that week. However James also had purchased an astronaut costume when he was at the Smithsonian recently so Aidan wore that costume to the Halloween party at church.

Either way, I think he looks cute - wouldn't you agree?

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