Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

We spent the day running errands, playing games, wrestling, sledding, and hanging out.

Aidan was a real trooper and endured a lunch meeting at "mommy's work" and then a long, drawn out shopping experience at Anthropologie. So I kind of felt like I "owed him" some fun for the rest of the day.

For some reason Aidan really wanted to go to IKEA, (he loves the playland and always wants to spend his day off there.) I obliged but I admit it wasn't the brightest idea we have ever had. Thanksgiving eve, in a snowstorm, driving to IKEA which is on the way to a busy airport.......... like I said, not the brightest plan. We bought some white paper to wrap Christmas gifts, ate an ice cream cone and then headed back home.

We decided the evening was too beautiful to be spent indoors. We did some sledding and then I played "sled dog" and took Aidan all around the neighborhoods. (pulling a 50 lb. + child through the snow is way easier than the Insanity workouts I have been doing lately.)

There are some moments in parenthood you wish you could capture forever and last night we had one of those. Picture this. I am pulling him through the snowy streets. He is laying on his back looking up at the snow with his head resting in his hands and he says "Mom - I had the best day. Thanks."

Melt my heart. Yes-we can go to IKEA in a snowstorm any time you want. And yes, I will be glad to pull you through the neighborhood anytime.

Sorry, my pictures ended up in reverse order. But regardless, wouldn't you agree the park is amazing at night? Recently one blogger asked what kind of software I have - it is Lightroom and it's possibilities are endless; I am barely skimming the surface. ( I think i need to take a community ed class about how to use it.)
Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving!


christa said...

just dropped by your blog and it happened to stop on Silent Night. i'm now in the Christmas mood - so thank you! by the way, those pictures in the park are AWESOME!!

downthegardenpath said...

I agree with Christa, the photos really catch a mood - they're great.

downthegardenpath said...

and, yes, how can you deny a kid who says thanks...

Stephanie said...

Your pictures are so beautiful!! I am sitting here sweating in 90+ degree weather, so jealous of the snow! Aidan is such a sweetie :)