Wednesday, December 15, 2010

writing itself

this post practically wrote itself.

quite a few people mentioned they liked the Paris gift tags and wondered where I bought them. so rather than keep the beauty to myself I will share.

A few weeks ago I blogged about Cavellini gift tags. I fell in love with some holiday bird ones they sold at Anthropologie the last few years, but this year they aren't carrying them. Bummer. I love them.

So, guess where I looked. Sometimes I feel like my blog is a commercial for Because almost everything I buy comes in the mail from Amazon. Seriously. You don't believe me?

The gift bags I used for the hot cocoa were from Amazon, as was the bakers twine I used to tie the bags, as were the tags i used to embellish the bags, as were the garbage bags that all my scraps went into, as was the Christmas music I listened to while making the hot cocoa, as was the coffee press that made the coffee I drank, as was the book I finished reading after I made the hot cocoa............. I could go on and on but I will spare you.

You see a while back I received an offer to upgrade my account to Amazon Prime which means fast, cheap shipping. So I can order it and have it to my home faster than I can get to the store.

I also order my groceries online and then drive-thru to pick them up......... as I mentioned last week I have even been having fresh fruit shipped to my home. This means I have more time to spend with my cute kid, and the time I do have for shopping I can go to fun places like this one or this one.

How do you save time? Any tricks you can share?

(and before you comment about my expensive garbage bags, let me tell you that they are worth every penny. I used to hold my breath and cringe every time we took out the garbage as we always managed to stuff our bags so full they would burst or drip through the house....... but not these bags. I have yet to see one leak. Really. And you can ask my mom, I have a horrible habit of over-stuffing garbage bags. Not to mention I would always run out, or I ended up double bagging. Problems solved, I just order them and they don't ever need double-bagging.) Maybe you should add a simple human trash can and bags to your Christmas list this year. )


Liv said...

Last week Bethany posted about these postcards from Anthropologie and I fell in love with them. I have a book-loving friend and I shared the link with her. Five minutes later, she shared a link with me for the exact postcards, ten dollars less on Amazon.

Needless to say, my husband said I am not allowed to buy or have them, because I'm pretty sure they'll be waiting for me on Christmas.

And I'm with you on the expensive garbage bags!

Barb said...

I found the Paris gift tags at Pottery Barn tonight.
I was elated!

bethany said...

I'm so, so happy to hear I'm not the only woman guilty of over-stuffing my trash bags! My ex-boyrfriend used to call it "Wuerch Trash"...because my dad is guilty of it too. It's my least favorite chore...and hence the overstuffing.

I'm so glad you shared where these tags came from! I was wondering about them, but hadn't gotten around to asking. They're gorgeous and I am totally going to buy my own! :)