Friday, May 20, 2011

Craigslist Craft Hutch

Remember this picture?

I found this old hutch on Craigslist and it now has a home in my guest bedroom. Those of you who have been to my house might fall off their chair when I tell you this but I have downsized my fabric collection to fit in this hutch and have moved out the entire contents of my sewing room and pared it down enough that it now fits in this hutch and in a small dresser in the closet. I can hardly believe it either.

But it is a good change. I have accumulated so many craft supplies and fabrics over the years that I no longer knew what I had. My tastes have also changed and some of those fabrics needed to move on and find a new home that loved them. (Which they did. I donates them to a local school.)

I also found these treasures at Hunt and Gather a few months ago and they are perfect for stashing craft supplies. I also bought a few for my office at work. Who wants plastic or metal organizers when you can have beauties like these for half the cost? (and double the charm!) I should have snatched more when I had the chance.

So, we will see if my new found craft digs will inspire some creativity......... maybe not until next winter as I love being outdoors every waking minute.

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