Saturday, April 27, 2013

as i write this i am just a little more than two weeks away from moving off of second street.  aidan and i found the perfect little house in ne minneapolis and i can't tell you how delighted we are and how every single detail has fallen into place for us, even down to the unspoken wishes and prayers......... we found out last week we will have three sour cherry trees in the beautifully gardened backyard.  we loved our trees so much and i was almost as sad to leave them as i was to leave the house. but now we have not two, but three.  amazing.  (and this also means that my yearly Christmas gift to friends and family can still happen.)  we will only be about 9 blocks from school, about the same distance from favorite little neighborhood coffee shops and restaurants,  we can walk to Target, Home Dept, the grocery store, and most exciting to me is the new Mother Earth Garden store that is only 3 blocks away.  i am already imagining pulling my wagon up the street and loading it with plants.  (if you live in mpls, their s. mpls store is amazing, and i anticipate the ne one will be just as fabulous!)  

the next few weeks will be a flurry of packing, boxes, paint cans and exciting projects in new rooms as I empty out the old ones, but tucked away in the corners are moments of grief and mourning at the finality of this whole process. the girl who moved onto second street eleven years ago no longer exists, nor does the life i dreamed i would have or the people i thought i would share it with.  aidan celebrated his ninth birthday a few weeks ago and we looked back through my blog at stories and pictures from his younger years and it still hurts my heart to see what we used to be.  i now wonder at my naivety that homemade yogurt, sewing projects and gardens could fix something that was broken.   but regardless of where we stand now those were still good days and happy times and i miss them.

this week spring finally came to the midwest.  the neighborhood boys were out every night playing football and lacrosse and ruling the streets and i could hear them running and yelling as i packed boxes, confident that aidan was in a good place.  last night i sat out on the step with two of my favorite neighbors and shared a glass of wine and a few hours of conversation.  tonight we will probably hang out again and i will go to sleep with a heart that feels full and content after an evening spent with friends. i will miss these moments too.  i am glad they are only a bike ride away but these moments have been our life for the past few years.

so i guess i will sign off today with the words of Winnie the Pooh. apparently he was a wise old soul.

as for me -  i hope to be back blogging again.  i know i have said that before but over the past few weeks as aidan and i reminisced over old pictures and stories forgotten i was reminded of the value of blogging. in the past i blogged to keep up with all my crafty friends and to get more exposure with my sewing business.  i blogged for grandmas and family members far away so they could be up to date with our lives, but i think this time i will blog for us, so we can remember the moments that make saying goodbye so hard, and looking back we can be thankful.