Friday, May 30, 2008

Night with friends

Thanks, Christa, for a fun night! The food was wonderful, even though the weather didn't cooperate. You all were so great with Aidan, playing with him and wearing him out, which was a real treat after a couple weeks of being a single parent. And I cannot wait to have a Mafia rematch. Next time - our house. And Felix is going down.


Make these bars! Even if you aren't a big fan of butterscoth, they are wonderful!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We need

James to come home. Now, I am not one for waxing sentimental, but I do have some practical reasons to need him here.

For one thing, I miss my bed. Aidan and I bought his new bed the day James left, and I have been sharing it with Aidan ever since. Not because I miss James so much I can't bear the thought of sleeping alone, but because our house is so stinking cold, that when I finally am ready to crawl into bed at midnight, the thought of my ice cold sheets sends me running to Aidan's room.

The second reason is the lawn. My neighbors mow every other day, and frankly I just don't have time to keep up. I have this whole list of projects I want to accomplish, and places Aidan and I need to go, and things we need to do, that when I get home and see the neighbor has mowed again, I am so irritated because mowing was not on my list of things to do today, and now I feel compelled to mow. And the dandelions are taking over. I am too busy weeding all my flower beds to mess with dandelions. So I am sorry to say James will come home and see they have multiplied, but seriously - not on my list.

The third reason is that I can't paint behind the computer until the guy who knows how everything plugs into the computer comes home. No one else may notice, but the white wall screams out to me every time I come into the room. Also, I have thought up some more projects for our lawn and house and I need more muscle power available to be able to complete them.

The last reason is my little boy. You see, he has been a real little pill since James left, and I am running out of ways to deal with it. I threaten, spank, take away movies, candy, snacks, bedtime songs, you name it; I have tried it to no avail. Then when I am sure his little heart must be so hard and my days of easy parenting are over, he crumples his little face and cries because he misses Daddy so much. He cries when I drop him at daycare, won't go to the gym or Sunday school, and tonight he even sobbed when I tucked him in. We have a lot of plans for the next week, but I just don't think that seeing more Grandmas and painting birdhouses are going to do the trick this time.

So you see, I have good reasons for needing James to come home. I think we only have one more week left until he comes home, but I am sure it is going to involve more cold beds and lawn mowing and sad little boys, so it might be a very long week.


You’re probably wondering why I have a picture of Tigger on my blog. I wonder too..... But there is a story behind the Tigger that I will tell you today. You see, a long time ago, this boy met this girl and they fell in love. He thought Tigger was very cute and bought all sorts of little Tigger things for the girl. She secretly thought all stuffed animals and figurines were hideous, but was too enamored with the boy to tell him. They were so in love, they talked about marriage and things of the future, and one weekend the boy took the girl on a very fancy date and the girl and all her friends thought that maybe this was the night that she would have a fancy diamond ring to put on her finger and all her dreams would come true. However, to the girl's surprise, when she opened the box, she found this Tigger figurine. Embedded deep into one side of the base was a gold chip, and the girl scratched furiously at the chip, imaging a ring must somehow be buried inside. The girl was very sad and the boy did not understand why, and that is the way it usually is for boys and girls.

I am sure you have guessed, I am the girl and James is the boy and Tiggers have haunted our marriage ever since. The ones we still have are banished to James' office or Aidan's room. James should be happy his office is orange, because that means this Tigger will somewhat coordinate with the room. So rather than be doomed to life in a box I kindly and carefully placed Tigger on his shelf with some pictures I framed from his China trip.

I also finished the curtains in James' office! The fabric is a tablecloth and napkins I found at Target. I wished it would hang a little tighter and smoother, but these old windows have big handles that mess up what would be nice and smooth. Regardless, i am quite pleased with the way they turned out!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We are making progress!

James' office is coming along. And if I can tear myself away from the computer we may even have some curtains to show you tomorrow!

I love the way the colors turned out. I am so excited to get the shelf, I almost wish I could call in sick to work and head to Iowa to pick it up!

I know it may be hard for you to believe this, but this is actually a cleaned up version of his desk. Really.

Much better! I don't know if you can tell, but it is still white behind the computer.I was afraid to move the computer to paint behind it, because if i mess something up, there is no way i will be able to fix it. I am clueless when it comes to computers.


............took over my living room! But it is amazing how much I was able to get done around here while he was thus occupied!

Now he is asking for a sleepover in the "fort." I think we will find a night to fit one in before James comes home!

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Bike!

Thanks nana!

James' Office

We were able to make major headway in James' office today. Yesterday we cleaned. I promise we did not throw any valuable papers away, we just sorted and rearranged and found that he had about 10 half empty boxes that are now consolidated. Today we painted. The walls look amazing, i don't know if my pictures will do justice to the room. We also ran a few errands, and I found the neatest chair for $5.00 at a thrift store! Perfectly suited to the style of his new office, it also looks like it is probably pretty valuable. The chair is manufactured by Century Furniture as part of their Chin Hua line,which was part of a big 70's craze for Chinese replica furniture. We also found a vintage barjello pillow and an old footstool that I recovered today, all for a whopping $12.00. For the windows we found a great tablecloth which will be made into shades. Trust me, it is really cool. I couldn't find a picture of it on Target's website, but i will be sure to post photos when the windows are done! And, I am really excited to go to Iowa next weekend where my Grandma has this big amazing shelf built by my Great-Grandpa that we are going to load up and bring home, and then hopefully the room will all fall into place! I will show you a few pictures from today. I want to tell you about all the plans I have, but I need to leave a few things for a suprise for James...... at least for one more day!

Yes, Aidan helped me paint. He had to color in his square.

His name (kind of.) He rearranges all the letters.

I have the chair in the corner here so you can see both wall colors. The footstool is also in the picture. You can't really tell but I recovered it with a brown and white retro-check.

Thank You

Sunday, May 25, 2008

More photos from China

Well, I am sad to report that James informed me that the custom clothes idea is probably a no-go, because it is too hard for them to make clothes for you when you are not there. So...... I guess I would be just as happy with lots of exotic fabrics.........

James' favorite color.

Looks like the food doesn't agree with him.

This was a creative messege meant for me, but i thought i would share it so you all can see how romantic James is. :)

More orange. Good thing I am painting James' office orange!

He said the toilet looks better from the outside than the inside. I will spare you the rest of the details.

I am gagging looking at this photo.

And this one.

I think I would lose weight in China.

The rest of our day

James was a little sad that he had to endure a couple of blogless days. I can't help it.... for one thing i have been super busy shopping all over town with my mom, and working on some "while you were out projects," and also my four-year-old has been the worst kid ever this week! It is almost like someone switched out his little personality. I sure hope the old Aidan comes back soon...... I miss him alot! I am not sure if the change is because James is gone, or because Aidan has been sick, or if he just decided that we are too complacent and we need some new challenges in our life. I hope it is just because he has been sick.........

Anyway, here are some more pictures from our weekend. I hope you enjoy them James! (and whoever else reads this blog!)

Charlie. Aidan loves to chase him around. And I love the way he makes my house smell.

One of the yard decorations my mom brought me. She made it, and we are going to make some more tomorrow to finish my paver project.

First use of the grill this year. I had to clean a bunch of birdseed out of it. I don't even want to think about how it got it there, I just remind myself that lots of fire and heat kill germs.

This pie is so delicious! It has taken me a couple years to obtain the recipe, and it was finally given to me a few weeks ago with two conditions. 1) I cannot post the recipe on my blog, and 2) I cannot bring it to any function we both might attend. So, I am just showing you a picture of the pie to tempt you, and I promise if you ever come to my house and ask me in advance, (and if blueberries are on sale that week) I will make you the pie. Here is is waiting to be garnished with lots of whipped cream before serving.

How did the bag get in here again? Can you tell i am excited about it????

Lovely piece of Depression glass that was somehow overlooked at a thrift store and priced for a mere $2.00.

Remember this? Well, look at it now. It has been cleaned, and you will have to keep checking to see what happens next. I will say, that underneath the massive pile of mess that was James' office I found the softest, most plush carpet ever. I think it is brand new. I know for sure it has not been walked on in five years.

I hope you like these colors James. I am thinking a muted Arts and Crafts style office for you, in your favorite colors, orange and purple. We'll see what happens! It is now 10:00 and I just got my second wind!

LOVE this!

I know already posted about this bag, but it is so cool that I just have to post some more pictures of it! Not only does it look great on your arm, it also sits charmingly by the front door, begging to be taken out again!. I love it! You can read all about them here, and you can pick yours up here. You seriously can fit a ton of things in these bags, and unlike all my other market bags, your lettuce and tomatoes won't be squished at the end of the day because this bag has a very solid square, (or oval) base. Alright.... I'll stop now!


Saturday morning the three of us (that would be Aidan, my mom and I) headed down to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market. I had hoped that with so many people out of town this weekend the market would be empty, but instead I think everyone came to town for the market! Even my secret favorite parking spots were taken! It took us longer to circle and find a spot than it does to drive there and back. So rather than continue circling in vain, we headed to a different market, a newer farmers market that boasts all local and organic foods in season. There are also lots of local artisans there, and it is in a great area for walking around and sightseeing. I would love to say we had a delightful time, but someone has been a real little pill the last few days, and we had to drag him every step of the way!

This picture might be one of the only pictures of Aidan's face in this entire post, because he was so crabby he wouldn't look at me all morning!

Off and running to the river. We barely had a chance to see all the vendors!

On the road to the Stone Arch Bridge.

The view fromthe river of the old flour mills. Many of them have been converted into amazing condos and lofts. You can tour one of the mills, and it is one of my favorite places in the City. I think it is because I love to bake, and when they talk about the history of baking I get all excited.

Aidan loves to figure out where we are on the map. We found a great place to park so we could take our bikes across the river next time and avoid the bridge detour.

Racing along. In his own words, "i have to get all my energy, mom!"

No way...... another map.

We stopped and waited for a Segway tour to pass by.

We did go back into the market so my mom and I could buy one of these amazing market bags.

Going up the long escalator at the Guthrie so we could take in the view of the river and the bridge construction.

James wanted a picture of Aidan and I together. Here you go, honey.

Finally, a happy face as we eat lunch at the Mill City cafe.

Checking out the train at the Museum.