Monday, February 28, 2011

i haven't been blogging........

because I have been a busy lady. Somehow the month of February passed me by and I only had four blog - posts! Yes - I am way behind but I think if you keep reading you might understand why.

This is my downstairs. Or rather it used to be. If you look closely at the photo above you can see the stud lines shadowed through the paint. (I have done a lot of reading and it is caused by candles......... so no more candles in my house. My whole downstairs has those lines and my kitchen is starting to get them as well. I also learned that faux silver frames leave horrid marks on the wall.)

The color of our lower level is a combination of eight years of painting. I really did love our downstairs, although now looking at the pictures it looks really intense!

The stud-lines in our bedroom were really showing and I started the transformation there. This is a picture mid paint job. The room is now deep cleaned, (even the blinds) the mattress flipped and the entire room and ceiling are coated in a fresh white.

The decor in this room was already white - I just painted the rest of the furniture white and got rid of a lot of the "trinkets."

Our downstairs....... trying to pick the perfect white sample. I ended up with the same color as the bedroom. ( Which means I will have less cans of paint to keep on hand.) (Oh - and the rug is Cutting Garden by Capel if any one is looking for a rug. It is going on Craigslist. It has been featured in many a BHG magazine article........) (Insert smiley face here.)

And now drumroll please ..........

some junk on my wall from Hunt & Gather.

This picture has pretty bad lighting but you can see I repainted my buffet and the lampshade in white, and then I also covered the lampshade with some linen. (well...... not really linen. Paint tarps which feel and look a lot like linen, for the same cost as a yard of good linen. I bought two huge tarps and I am planning to slipcover my robin-egg blue chairs. My Mom thinks I can do it. I am not entirely convinced. ) My next project will be the stairs which you see on the left. The runner is from Dash & Albert and I haven't decided if I am going to sell it or keep it to sew into bags like this one. I just don't know if my machine can handle sewing through the heavy layers of cotton. But wouldn't it make a perfect beach bag?

I did find some junk at Hunt and Gather, but all this "junk" was already in my house, I just did some rearranging.

As was all this "junk."

The only real money I spent was on my $100 IKEA rug and some paint. (And a little "junk" at H & G.) Otherwise, I just rounded up items from around my house and put them to work. I am already in love with this room for one reason: the rug doesn't track dirt so I have gone the whole week without vacuuming it. I also cleared out a lot of the little items that took up floorspace so I have less to clean around as well.

This week I need to finish painting the ceiling in this room and then we will see what comes next..........

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last week as Aidan and I were rushing out to the car on our way to school I heard a cardinal chirping overhead and I grabbed a quick picture.

I know the cardinals have been around as I have had to refill my bird-feeders a few times, but I haven't really heard them all winter until last week. Maybe I wasn't listening, or maybe they are feeling hopeful as we gain more daylight.

Hearing the birds again makes me think that spring is coming. It can't be long now.........

J.Jill - what are you doing?????

I have always loved J.Jill. Linen is one of my favorite fabrics to wear and they usually have a great selection. It seems like lately, however, they have crossed a line and gone from carefree beach linen to this. (They also have had jumpers earlier this year which a kind friend totally talked me out of.)

What on earth? Even if the 80's are back, I thought one of the lessons we learned from that era was that grown women should not wear bib overalls? (I am sorry if any of you already went out and bought a pair, I just had to share my opinion. (And no, I don't think I will change my mind the way I did with skinny jeans.)

In the meantime I have a gift card just sitting in my purse. Aidan and I keep stopping in to the store- he throws some pennies in the fountain and I wander around and shake my head in dismay at the choices for this spring. I just hope my gift card doesn't have an expiration date.........

Monday, February 14, 2011

we started with some old magazines.....

we cut lots and lots of hearts out. Aidan started cutting some in bright construction paper and I said, "Oh, I really like the magazine ones....." but he convinced me the colors were a good idea so he kept cutting and cutting construction paper and I kept cutting up magazines.

Soon we had lots of heart-strings to hang in the window.

And as you saw on my banner, we had lots of fun with the construction paper hearts.

Lesson learned - let your kid make his art project any way he wants to.

Happy Valentines!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


making this cake............ a long-time favorite and hopefully a winner for our "Valentine's Day bake-off" at work tomorrow. I figure if I lose I can blame it on the fact that some people don't like coconut.

I also tried cross-country skiing for the first time. I think we have found a winner! I always wondered what winter sport I could claim for my own as down-hill skiing doesn't mix well with Coumadin - maybe I have found it. I am going again on Wednesday. (If I can move tomorrow.)

I have been in a mood to purge. I have little piles of "stuff" all over the house that i need to take to the Goodwill. (or I might save them for a yard sale with Christa this summer.)

Now I need to go cuddle with my sick little boy who is resting on the couch. Hopefully he is feeling better tomorrow as we have a big pile of Valentine's we need to hand out!

Friday, February 11, 2011

not that i don't have other things to do

i have been a very busy girl this week. i clocked a bazillion hours at work, repainted my bedroom, (all white, including some furniture. pics later when i finish touching up the ceiling.) finished up a few projects and i am finally sitting down to post. however, as a friend told me last weekend, i found that Tumblr is indeed very easy to use. and so in the midst of the busyness i have managed to stash a few photos on my new Tumblr site. you can take a look here, and as you can see i have kitchens on my mind. my dad kindly offered to come re-do my kitchen at some point and i am thinking this summer might be the time so i am trying to gather my thoughts via photos so that he can weigh in. i think my taste looks quite simple but easy for me to say, right? i also want to make "a plan" so I can keep an eye out for an old hutch or sideboard to incorporate into the design. we'll see. a girl can dream, right?

(p.s when i first started adding photos to tumblr i wasn't correctly linking the photo to give credit where due. so i found the above photo online somewhere, but i failed to appropriately save the credits.)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

and the winner is......

...........Malaika at Never a Dull Moment. Thanks for all the comments........ I wish I had enough books to give one to each of you.

I also wish I could stay and chat longer but I am in the middle of a few projects and I have been on a roll so I hate to sit online and lost my steam. So in the meantime enjoy a few pics of our Valentine decor.

Notice the spools of velvet ribbon? I scored a bunch at Sundance after Christmas. The spools look so pretty I don't want to use the ribbon.

What about you - are you decorating for Valentine's Day?