Sunday, August 8, 2010

a little detour

i still have a few vacation pics to post, I am determined to make it through them all, for posterity's sake.

in the meantime the rest of my life is flying by and i have blogged nothing.

so i am going to take a little detour and tell you that Steph and I ate here and went here last week.


the food was good, (they make a mean beet salad and i think even Steph may become a beet lover eventually if she keeps eating salads like that.

but even better than the food, (but not quite as good as the company) was the play.

I had watched the original movie a few weeks ago and I wondered who on earth they could find to fill Marlon Brando's role.

I had no idea until after the play when I was commenting to Steph on the actors' muscles that it was actually Ricardo Antonio Chavira from Desperate Housewives. Nicely done, Guthrie.
Looking forward to the next one Steph!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the neverending strory

remember that movie? we let Aidan watch it this year. i had forgotten how cheesy it was!

Anyway, back to my neverending story. I was just going to stop my trip story back at the photo montage, but my mom and aunt requested more details - which is good - i want to make my blog into a book for Aidan someday, so the more details, the better, right? I am sure he will especially love my recipes and sewing posts.

So, we have talked about the beach, the Statue of Liberty, Rhode Island and our big storm......... That leaves me New York City and our last night at the Inn, so if you are lucky I can wrap this trip up in two more posts. Although I do still have all the photos Aidan took........... they are pretty entertaining. Who knows, this vacation might stretch on for another week.

Well, this post we will dedicate to NYC.

New York City was a whirlwind trip as well. I think I would have loved to spend a little more time there, but I tell you what, we literally covered the entire island of Manhattan that day. Did I mention what a good traveller Aidan is? I guess there are advantages to only having one. I can afford to buy him a never-ending supply of ice cream to combat the heat and keep the sugar high going.

So again I am going to bombard you with photos - I took so many my camera batteries died three times! Do you know how hard it is to find batteries in Manhattan? That story alone could be an entire blog post!!!!

George Washington Bridge. We drove into Manhattan along the Henry Hudson Parkway. So gorgeous! I could have taken hundreds of pictures of the brownstones and gardens along the river. But fortunately for you I was out of batteries.

Off we go. Aidan thought NYC was "so cool" because it looks just like where Curious George lives!!!

I wish I could apologize to all the people who were surprised by a random pigeon in their face, courtesy of Aidan.

How New York is this?

Hot dog in Central Park?

Taking a break while Jakob and Kate buy some falafal.

On the subway. He doesn't look happy, but he did love riding. We felt so urban sliding our "Metro card" and going through the turn styles.

The Manhattan skyline from the harbor ferry.


Oops, this is out of order. This is the Brooklyn Bridge. I thought the bridges were amazing, as you can tell. I have a lot more bridge pics but I will just keep them to myself.

I just thought this picture was funny. (this is a city parking ramp.) The ramp was full of Mercedes and BMW's and then there was a VW van on the top.

We didn't think Chinatown smelled very good.

I loved little Italy. Really loved it.

I was really hoping to eat there.

When we were on our honeymoon we spent an evening in Boston's "Little Italy." That was one of my favorite evenings ever. We even found a little Improv theater there, and that was the beginning of our love of Improv. But back to this story......

Mmm, homemade pasta, some wine and the Mafia? Doesn't that sound wonderful?

The streets reminded me of "Return to Me," one of my favorite movies of all time.

Home Depot in Manhattan

On our way to Times Square. The crowds were enormous. I also now understand why you can just head to the City to see a show at Madison Square Garden. The subway's and trains can take you right there. Jakob and Kate told me you can catch the train from CT and head down to the City for a show. Isn't that convenient????

Almost done.
We had a long day in the City and ended our night walking through Central Park and we came out on Park Ave and walked through all the extravagance. It was pretty magical, or at least for the people enjoying their dinners in posh restaurants. (Maybe a little less so for us as we trudged the streets in our flip-flops.)

I have to say I loved NYC. I would have loved to spend a few more days there. We covered miles, the garment district, the Meat-packing district, Little Italy, Chinatown, Battery Park, the lower East Side, the Upper East Side, Chelsea.......... I can see why so many movies were set there.

Just for kicks I checked out rent prices.

Yeah, it would take my entire months income to rent a 2-bedroom in Manhattan. Now I see why Carrie was so lucky with her rent controlled brownstone!

Monday, August 2, 2010

playing with lightroom

So I mistakenly ordered the upgrade to lightroom instead of lightroom. (no wonder it was so cheap.) Right now I am playing with the 30 free download to see if it is worth my time and money, and if not I can resell the upgrade as i didn't use the license. It is totally different than my other photo-shopping software and I can imagine it would be a lot of fun! It also has all sorts of fun "presets" to play with, and I love the fact that if you manually use a certain effect on a photo you can alter a bunch the same way with a few strokes of the keyboard.

So, we will see!

I have 30 days to try it out!

You will have to let me know what you think. I already think it is going to be rather addicting. Do I need another one of those????????

More RI

If you drive through Rhode Island on I-95, you might think to yourself, "Who would live here?" East to West the state is only 20 miles, and North to South it is but 40. Most of it feels like freeway, but remember that first impressions are not always accurate. Rhode Island has over 400 miles of coastline (according to Wikipedia) and the beaches there are indescribable.

We spend one day in Newport RI, and found the area to be a new favorite. We took a water taxi from Jamestown RI to Newport , and on the way we stopped and spent some time on Rose Island, which is one of the only working lighthouses left in the US. (they also rent rooms there if you don't mind helping out.) I would love to stay there someday, it was still wild and beautiful.

Newport is a very wealthy town. We fit right in. (not really, but I felt a little more "Newport-like" after I bought my big hat. There were huge yachts there from all over the world, most of them larger than my home. We squeezed a lot of site-seeing into our day trip, and now I am going to squeeze a lot of photos into this one post.

Enjoy your tour of Newport!

Heading out on the water taxi.

Rose Island

Collecting sea glass. They actually "make" sea glass there, so we all went home with a pocketful.

He is a great little traveller!

The island is totally off-the-grid and self sustaining. Here Aidan is helping the guide stir the water in the cistern.

Here they are pumping water into the bathroom for me.

Rose Island used to be a fort before the Revolutionary War, and the barracks are still standing.
Later it became an infirmary, but all who came died. Our guide has been working on the island for years and she swears it is haunted. Apparently an episode of Ghost Hunters was recently filmed here, so she warned us that if we wanted to book a room on the island we better do so before the show airs!

Kate collecting sea glass.
When you are ready to leave the island you release the yellow flag, and the taxi will then come and pick you up!

We are ready to go!

Newport Bay

Of all the things we saw that day, Aidan loved this anchor most and would have gladly spent the whole day climbing on it.

Picking out our lunch.

More of the bay.


The hat. It was very bright out and even with sunglasses I was squinting, so it was a very necessary purchase. Oh - and did I mention the saleslady told me I looked like a glamorous movie star? Maybe that's what sold me on it.........

We ate a lot of ice cream during our stay our East! The weather was always so hot it was the perfect treat.

A gorgeous sunset was the perfect end to our day.