Sunday, March 18, 2012

perfect day

maybe I should rephrase that - perfect moments. the days have been long and weird, but I have had some perfect moments.

like this one.....

and this one.

we have had amazingly warm weather this week and have thoroughly enjoyed it. the warm weather also brings all the neighbors out, so this weekend brought a few awkward conversations as well. "I noticed someone's car isn't in the driveway anymore........." Really? You noticed that? Pure genius you are. Others have been kinder, "We are so sorry to see the 'for sale' sign. please let me know if we can help you with anything........ we love you and little Aidan and are so sorry you have had to go through this." Those times I have to bite my lip so I don't cry. I love my neighborhood, the people here have been so good to me and have been the greatest support over the past two years. No words needed, no expectations for witty conversation, just kindness. dinner. shoveled driveway. glass of wine, or just a quiet nod and wave.

Things are still in limbo, but things are good. Really. I am doing well, we are doing well. We really are. Aidan says it best - peace. just a feeling of peace. peace washing over even in the midst of this hardness. peace that passeth understanding, because i do not understand it, but i am thankful still for it.