Monday, April 16, 2012

the house sold.

the couch did too, someone picked it up this weekend. lots of memories on that couch. lots of books read, lots of sick days and naps under our favorite blankets.

(it was a jungle gym too. totally indestructible.)

My bed - someone is picking that up tomorrow. We won't speak of any memories there.
(What did we do before we could unload everything on Craigslist?)

Or for that matter, what did we do before Pinterest - the source of all inspiration these days? This weekend my mom and I loaded up my vehicle with pallets we found on Craigslist because I decided I am not taking my bed with me. I would like a different one. One similar to the bed in the photo below, which yes, I found on Pinterest and I am going to make it. so there.

note the pallet base?
I now have a pile of them waiting for inspiration.

and the headboard? I may have found some old barn wood too.
(Except I do not plan on painting the word love on anything. ever.)

And it is quite possible I am going to get carried away and say "who needs a couch?" and decide to make one of these too. Oh, and BTW, I found an old door to use.

So, in case you haven't noticed, what is quite obviously lacking from this post is a plan for where I will live with this furniture I plan to make. Small detail. Have to focus on what makes me happy, right? Because searching endless rental listings does not inspire me at all. As a matter of fact, this is the exact opposite of what I wanted to do. I wanted to move Aidan into a home. Our own little home where we could start fresh and make daybeds out of pallets if we so desired. (Aidan also has some plans. He sold a bunch of his deck furniture and his basketball hoop with the intent of building a fort in his new backyard and maybe getting a tee-pee. (???) Whatever makes him happy, right?)

Unfortunately that plan is about 6-8 months out now. I toyed with renting an apartment or condo and squirreling away cash, but the thought absolutely depresses me. Not as much for my sake as for Aidan's. He needs to ride his bike in a neighborhood, and play in the grass, not spend his summer shuttling between his parents condos. So I guess we will move twice. We will have two adventures. Make two sets of friends, but we will have grass and sunshine.

So check back - I will let you know where we end up. And this weekend when I should be diligently packing up my house, you might find me with a belt sander and the table saw. (I do believe it will be cheaper and more effective than therapy.)