Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sand Castles

So our first day in CT Aidan and I went to the Dollar Store to find some sand-buckets and beach toys.

Yeah, we left with some plastic cups and food storage containers.

Hey - we only spent $2.00!!!

His first castle of the trip.

My work of art, (note the Tupperware!)

His skills improved pretty quickly.

Actually, he built this with a random stranger he befriended. A young family with a little baby girl was hanging out at the beach that day and the dad was really into building, but the wife and baby weren't at all interested.

Aidan was.

They played for hours!!!!

Eventually the baby crashed the castle but we rebuilt it later with Uncle Jakob.

Looks pretty good!


downthegardenpath said...

I'm enjoying the details and will look forward to the next post. The sand castles are great, as are your photos. I'm looking froward to our next visit to Watch Hill. No swimming, but a beach walk is always on our list of things to do. I'm already bummed by the thought that this is probably our last visit....

Valerie said...

Aidan does have a gift for making friends.

Who is the little girl in the RI photos?