Sunday, August 1, 2010

vaca part III

We have only been back for a week and a half but it seems we have been soooo busy that we never even had a vacation. Isn't that pathetic?

I had initially downloaded all my photos onto the laptop, but I don't care for the photo-editing software on here, so I transferred them all over to our computer, and now guess what? Our computer is dead. Really dead. So all the edited photos are inaccessible right now. (but we hope they are recoverable!!!!) I did order some different software for the laptop so hopefully it will arrive soon. In the meantime, a little more about our trip, and a few of my initial photos as well.

Jacob and Kate live a few short miles from the beach and Aidan and I went there every day. (All the photos from the montage were from Waterford beach.) Waterford beach was beautiful, calm, and smelled like the ocean, but that whole area is on the Long Island Sound which means that the beach is missing the huge waves that we all associate with the ocean. However, if you drive to Westerly RI, a short 40 minute drive to the East, the cost there is unprotected and you have all the waves you could wish for. That is where Aidan and I went our last day of vacation. The last time we visited Jacob and Kate we went to Watch Hill a number of times because quite frankly, I am in love with that town. Jakob had also figured out where the entrance to the "private, residents only" beach is and we used that, which is an amazing stretch of sand. (fact I learned about the beaches in parts of New England; While there is ocean everywhere, the average person is restricted to little areas of public beach. This means you have to pay an arm and a leg to park and swim at a beach filled tourists. There are also private city beaches that are only accessible if you have proof of residence, or again, you pay. The beach near Jakob's house was for the people who lived in Waterford and cost me $10.00 every time I went.)

So, back to the last day of our trip. We had to catch the red-eye out of Boston Tuesday Am, and return our rental car downtown to the Seaport Hotel before that, so I wanted to stay closer to the airport so Aidan and I could sleep a little longer. We decided to go to Watch Hill then on Monday, and from there we would head to our Inn. Jakob and Kate came with us to Watch Hill, and when we left their apartment the sun was shining. However, by the time we got to to beach some clouds were rolling in, and not even a half hour passed before the sky turned black and we were all kicked out of the ocean. Watching the storm roll in was breath-taking, but not really ideal for our last day. Jakob and Kate decided to head back home, which left Aidan and I in a little bit of a quandary. Should we call it a day as well and try and do an early check in? Or should we wait it out at a mall or movie theater? (although we were totally drenched) We decided to head to Dunkin Donuts for a warm,dry place to mull over our options. While there the sky cleared just enough to give us some hope and we headed back to the beach. And to make this already-long-story-short, Aidan and I swam for about 4 more hours in the pelting rain. His lips were blue, we were covered in goosebumps, but every time a wave took him down he would yell "this is so rockin' awesome!!!!!" and I couldn't bear to pull him away. Finally, in the late afternoon we decided to head north so we could clean up at the hotel before dinner, and of course then the sun came out.

So here are some photos from our last day. I hope you enjoy the storm as much as we did. Amazing.

A view of the big Inn on the beach when we first arrived.

We headed right into the water because the storm was moving fast and we wanted to enjoy it for as long as we could.

This is the same Inn about 20 minutes later.

The lighthouse

Kate packing up as fast as possible.

It is hard to tell in the photos but the lighthouse turned on and the sky was black.

I love the clouds in this photo.

Even though we came back and spent the day I don't have any photos because after the initial storm it just rained the whole day. I wish I could have captured Aidan's expression as he wrestled with the waves all day. I have found one of the most enjoyable parts of motherhood is watching your child enjoy Creation and take it all in with pure wonder.

I can't wait to go back! Although I am thinking maybe the Pacific Ocean next time. No more blue lips for us!!!!


Valerie said...

Thanks for the amazing photos and additional details.

Next year think about the Caribbean...definitely no blue lips to be found there.

bethany said...

Holy smokes...that storm is GORGEOUS! I can't decide what's more gorgeous, the inn or the beach/clouds.

Love Aiden's comment about the rockin' awesomeness of rainy swimming :) Definitely a memory for years to come.

Sigh. I wish my vacation would hurry up and come!

On Second Street said...

i know.... i have always wanted ot stay at that inn. whenever we go to that beach we drive by it and it seems to me that is where all the "beautiful people" congregate. It has a huge immaculate lawn and gardens galore and all the familes I have seen on the lawn are perfectly dressed in seersucker and polo shirts, lookin' like the Kennedy's. and val - you asked for details, so I have a few posts waiting absolutely FULL of details!

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous photography! You need to frame some of these, maybe re-do one of your rooms in oceany theme and hang some of these photos! I'll even come over and do the grunt work as you direct with your artist's eye! :) Beautiful!

Valerie said...

I did not realize there were so many restrictions on beach access in this area.

One of the things I love about Hawaii is that even in the most exclusive residential and hotel areas, there has to be public (free!) access to the beaches. Sometimes the public access is hard to find, but it is always there.