Saturday, March 1, 2008

Busy week

We have had a busy week. Lots of working, and guests, and just plain busyness. James finally caught the stomach flu, so he was out of commision for a few days. My car broke down..... good times. It's funny, i picked up Aidan from daycare, and when we went to leave, the car wouldn't start. Aidan began to cry, and kept saying, "We have to call daddy, he can fix it." to which i kept grumbling, "He can't fix things Aidan, you are going to have to learn that eventually. We should just call a tow-truck." To make a long story short, James did come, and he did fix the car and replaced some batteries and terminals and other things, and now it is running just fine. So I had to eat my words and apologize profusely, and all the way home Aidan kept exclaiming, "He did fix it! See, i told you Daddy can fix everything! " Score one for the boys this week i guess.

We also had a night out, our first in months. We ate a lovely dinner here. If you live in the Twin Cities, you should make an effort to go there. The restaurant is located in the old Farmers and Merchant bank in downtown Minneapolis. The food really isn't the greatest, and the seating is awkward, but the building's history makes it worth the trip. We also took in a show at the Brave New Workshop, an improv theater in Uptown. Right now they are celebrating their fifty year anniversary, so they are having a "best of" show. It is rather irreverent, but since they make fun of all nationalities and religions and political parties, you will be laughing too hard to be offended.

Currently James is on his way to his parents to pick up Aidan, and then we are going to clean his office. Maybe i will post some before and after pictures, although that might make the content on this site inappropriate for children and their moms. His office is such a mess it scares me every time i walk into the room. Last spring he had to postpone our tax appointment because he lost our W2's in his office. Then last summer, he had to express order another passport before he went to Russia, because that was lost in the office abyss as well. Now, he is getting ready to go to China again in a few weeks, and guess what! He can't find his passport! Honestly, we do have file cabinets, but they are all unused and unaccessible. So, suddenly it is of utmost importance that i help him clean and organize his office. I have been itching to do this for years, although i envisioned the process would include painting it a deep green........ but that might have to wait. So now i am off to IKEA to find some great office pieces. There is nothing i love more than cleaning and organizing and spending someone else's money while doing it. So we will see if he is still as intent on cleaning after he gets home tonight. I'll have to keep you posted.....

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