Sunday, October 16, 2011

can it really be october?

i am shocked. not only is it october, it is mid-october.

i am a little behind, and way behind in the world of bloging.

i will admit i haven't really been reading blogs either, i have hardly opened my laptop. i finally upraded to an iphone which can do way more than my blackberry did, and so i have hardly needed to go online. shocking, isnt it? but now our minnesota summer is officially over. (we had quite the indian summer.) so it is time to start enjoying indoor pursuits again and with all the baking, cooking and autumn celebrations i thought i might dust off my laptop and attempt to blog again.

we also have a new addition who is keeping us quite busy. he is named "proton" courtesy of aidan my science-loving eight-year-old.


Liv said...

Oh, I hope you are well!

MommaMindy said...

welcome back, you were missed!

looking forward to seeing what you make this fall as you prepare for holidays. you're always so inspiring.

will be blogging soon about something your mom made for me for my wedding...:) you come by your talent so honestly.

ilona said...

Oh! How fun to see a new post! The pictures of Aidan and Proton are great - you have such an eye for photos. I'll look forward to more regular updates...